The Nintendo Switch 2 Might Have a Bigger Screen, But with One Huge Drawback

Do we really have to go back to LCD, Nintendo?

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Nintendo Switch OLED
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A new Switch is likely on the way and it might be a bit bigger than its predecessor.

According to a Bloomberg report, industry analyst Hiroshi Hayase says that Nintendo is planning to launch its next console with an eight-inch LCD display. That will make the rumored Nintendo Switch 2 noticeably larger than the current Switch OLED model and its seven-inch display.

While lots of people might appreciate a screen size bump, it’s not all good news when it comes to the display...

Is an eight-inch Switch 2 too much display?


Opting for LCD

Moving on from the larger screen size, a previous report from VGC already indicated that Nintendo could ship its upcoming console with an LCD display. VGC’s sources attributed this decision to Nintendo wanting to cut down on costs with an LCD build, instead of an OLED display that offers a more vibrant gaming experience. With an LCD model coming out first for the Switch 2, it does leave the door open for Nintendo to introduce an OLED variant later on.

As for the eight-inch LCD screen, it still represents a size up to the existing Switch OLED, which is already larger than the original Switch’s 6.2-inch LCD display. With an eight-inch display, the rumored Switch 2 would outsize other popular handheld gaming options, like the Steam Deck OLED or the Asus ROG Ally. Still, it’s not like Nintendo went as extreme as an 11-inch display.

We’ve come a long way since the original Switch’s 6.2-inch display.


Potential Price Increase

Despite the trickling rumors, we don’t have anything close to a firm release date for a next-gen Switch console. Nintendo hasn’t even made any public statements about a Switch 2. However, there’s a lot of speculation that Nintendo plans to release its upcoming console this year during the holiday season.

It’s the same story with pricing, but another industry consultant suggested that the Switch 2 could launch with a $400 starting price, $100 more than what the Switch debuted at. On top of that, we could see Switch 2 titles tick up to $70 each. At least we might get a larger display with that price bump.

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