This Sleek Electric Sedan Has Model S Performance for Model 3 Pricing

Hard to say no to that amount of value.

A sleek, silver electric sedan drives on a wet surface, reflecting in the water with a dramatic dese...
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If you can’t decide between the Tesla’s Model 3 or Model S, Lynk & Co’s latest EV looks like the best of both worlds.

The Swedish-Chinese EV startup showed off its first all-electric model called the Z10. This sedan represents the brand’s flagship EV, coming after Lynk & Co’s 01 plug-in hybrid model. If you haven’t heard of this EV brand yet, you’re not the only one. Lynk & Co was made as a partnership between Volvo and Chinese auto conglomerate Geely, which is also responsible for brands like Polestar, Lotus, and Smart, so think of it as a sibling brand.

The Z10’s sloped design contributes to its impressive aerodynamics.

Tycho de Feijter / X

Lynk & Co’s first model didn’t attract that much attention, but the Z10 should generate some buzz with its impressive specs at a pretty enticing price. Going off the looks of its latest EV, it’s hard not to see the comparison to Tesla’s Model S.

Lynk and Co is just the latest automaker targeting Tesla’s top-of-the-line sedan, since we recently saw Xiaomi release its first-ever EV called the SU7.

Way More Range Than a Model S

You won’t be outracing the Model S in the Z10 though, since it only goes from 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds, but Lynk & Co does beat out Tesla in other key specs. The Z10 runs off Geely’s SEA platform, which Volvo also uses for its EX30, giving it a 500-mile range. Thanks to its 800V architecture, the Z10 recovers around 356 miles in just 15 minutes of fast charging. Comparatively, that means the Z10 can get back nearly the same mileage as the Model S’ max range of 359 miles with a quick recharge. On top of that, the Z10 has a drag coefficient of 0.198 Cd, making it one of the most aerodynamic EVs on the market.

Similar to Tesla’s Model X and Cybertruck, the Z10 has hidden door handles. Once you get inside, the minimalist interior also reminds us a lot of Tesla since it has a 15.4-inch floating touchscreen next to a steering wheel that’s not quite a squircle. According to CarNewsChina, the Z10’s seats will each get their own ventilation, heating, and massage functions. Since most EVs have AI in them nowadays, the Z10 is no different with its lidar-support autonomous driving function that works on both highways and local routes.

The Z10’s steering wheel’s top half is round, while its bottom half is squared off.

Tycho de Feijter / X

Add Fuel to the Price War in China

Lynk & Co didn’t announce the pricing for its Z10 yet, but CarNewsChina reported that the flagship sedan will be at least $27,600. That should give it plenty of room to come in below the starting price of the Model 3, which currently starts at $38,9990 in the U.S., but closer to $32,000 in China thanks to a price cut in April. Even if the Z10 comes anywhere close to the Model 3’s price, its range and charging speeds make it an attractive option.

Since Lynk & Co is based out of Sweden and has ties to Chinese EV makers, we’re expecting the company to release the Z10 to Europe and China first. However, Lynk & Co previously teased plans to release an all-electric model to the U.S. after 2024, which lines up perfectly with the Z10. For Tesla, that means the Z10 will provide competition not just in Europe and China, but potentially in the U.S.

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