You Can Actually Buy LG’s Wild Wireless TV

It’s not truly wireless since it technically has a power cord, but it sure costs a lot of money.

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LG wireless OLED tv

Cable management obsessives rejoice; LG’s 97-inch “wireless” OLED TV is finally on sale. LG first revealed the 97M3 at CES earlier this year, showing off its technology that uses a Zero Connect Box to transmit audio and video to its massive wireless display.

If we’re nitpicking, the 97M3 isn’t truly wireless since its Zero Connect Box uses a power cord, but LG is still forging ahead in a relatively new product space. Wireless TVs could seemingly replace the existing wired TV setups and we’re already seeing some other options like from Displace. Still, it’s a very new technology, so expect a hefty price tag.

The 97M3 can display 4K resolution video at a 120 Hz refresh rate.



The 97-inch OLED screen features a straightforward design in LG’s minimalist Gallery Design. It’s the Zero Connect Box that’s meant to be hidden away that packs all the power. It can transmit at 4K resolution with a 120 Hz refresh rate and can be as far as 10 meters, or around 32 feet, away from the display. According to LG, the Zero Connect Box can transmit data up to 3 times faster than Wi-Fi 6E so you shouldn’t experience any hiccups or hitches.

You can connect to the Zero Connect Box through HDMI 2.1, USB, RF, LAN, or Bluetooth so it should accommodate most of your set-top boxes, gaming consoles, or home audio systems. The box will automatically find the best transmission path, but there’s also an adjustable antenna that you can direct toward the wireless screen.

Since it’s a “wireless” TV, the 97M3 will start at around $35,500.



If you’re not in the market for a nearly 100-inch TV, LG is planning to release 83-inch and 77-inch models with the Zero Connect technology. If you are, the 97M3 is already available in South Korea and will make its way over to the North American and European markets later this month.

When the 97M3 does make its way overseas, be prepared to take out a loan just to buy it since it will retail for $29,999. The 83-inch model is a lot more affordable at $7,999 and the 77-inch will go for $4,999. That’s still a lot of money for a TV, but you are paying for the cutting edge of TV technology.

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