LG’s new lifestyle TV camouflages itself as an easel

The Easel and Posé blend into any room and have movable fabric covers that camouflages them even better.

LG Easel TV

We’re way beyond the need for a huge empty screen in the middle of the living room, so instead, LG is offering up two TVs that aren’t meant to attract attention.

It’s hard to believe the LG Posé is even a TV.LG

LG’s two lifestyle OLED TVs, the Easel and the Posé, are the latest additions to its expensive Objet collection. At first glance, they don’t even look like TVs and more like easels, exactly as the name implies. The subtle design of the two TVs even features movable fabric covers that completely cover the screen, making them look even more easel-like.

The 65-inch Easel TV has a movable fabric cover.LG

LG partnered with the Dutch lifestyle brand Moooi to make these camouflaging TVs. LG already made some funky “lifestyle TVs” before, like the wild 65-inch Objet TV that we first saw a few months ago. It’s just a shame that the Objet TV is so prohibitively expensive at $100,000.

Controllable covers — The 65-inch Easel TV uses LG OLED’s evo tech and is built with an a9 Gen 5 AI processor. The Easel has an 80W, 4.2-channel, sound system that can fill the room with surround sound as well as a movable fabric cover made by Danish textile company Kvadrat. To sweeten the deal, the fabric can be controlled by the TV’s remote. The cover can also be brought up partly in Line View to show some additional features like the clock, date, or audio player.

LG’s Easel TV blends perfectly into any room, without an overpowering presence.LG

The Posé TV similarly uses LG OLED evo tech but comes in 42-, 48- and 55-inch sizes. Instead of Line View, the Posé has Gallery mode that lets you display artwork or photos when not being used as a TV. LG focused on smart cable management for the Posé to really emphasize its clean, minimalist look so you don’t have to see cables scattered about.

Prohibitive pricing — LG is planning to display these two TVs at the Salone dei Tessuti during Milan Design Week from June 7 to 12. The exhibit will also feature LG’s Eclair soundbar and its XBOOM 360 speaker.

LG is launching the Easel and Posé TVs in Europe and other select markets first, in the third quarter of the year. LG said there’s no pricing details yet, but considering the previous Objet TV and its absurd price tag, it’s probably fair to assume these will also be very expensive. Unfortunately, restrictively-high price tags means these might not really take off like they should, so most of us will be stuck with traditional TV design for a while.