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LG’s NASA-Inspired Coffee Maker Is an Homage to Apollo 11

The Duobo combines two coffee pods for an out-of-this-world brew.

LG coffee maker inspired by Apollo 11

As the division of LG that’s known for putting out eccentric products, LG Labs is making a moonshot with its Duobo coffee maker.

Drawing inspiration from the Apollo 11 moon landing, the Duobo features a novel design with two chambers for coffee pods, all packaged in a smart home device that looks like a lunar lander. It also uses two pods at the same time so you can achieve your ideal brew.

You’ll never run out of new coffee flavors with the Duobo’s dual-chamber design.



Duobo’s dual-chamber design means you can combine two Nespresso-size coffee pods for a unique blend. The coffee maker’s base plate houses a CPU that lets you fine-tune the temps and extraction volumes for each chamber. Duobo even has a timed brew setting where you can let it automatically make your coffee at a specific time during the day.

The paired app lets you further customize the coffee maker, allowing adjustments to the height of the Duobo’s legs to fit your coffee mug’s height. Eventually, the app will include a community section that lets users share and review different coffee combinations, according to LG.

Custom animations on the baseplate will make brewing your coffee more entertaining.


At the bottom, LG built in a 10.1-inch display with full HD resolution where your coffee mug sits. It will play customizable content while the coffee is being made to make those precious minutes waiting for your cup more tolerable.


LG Labs is first releasing the Duobo through Kickstarter, where it’s already raised more than $55,000 from 133 backers at the time of publishing. Even with the super early bird pricing through Kickstarter, the Duobo starts at $399.

Once the Kickstarter is over, the actual retail price of this NASA-inspired coffee maker will skyrocket to $799. If unnecessarily-complicated coffee makers are your thing, it might be better to kickstart the Duobo’s launch to save a few hundred bucks.

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