This Super Tiny E-Bike Just Got a Huge Range Upgrade

Thanks to the RangeBuster Battery.

JackRabbit RangeBuster Battery on a XG

Just because it’s a mini e-bike doesn’t mean it can’t have a big range. JackRabbit, known for its portable and lightweight e-bikes, introduced the RangeBuster Battery which is more than double the capacity of its regular batteries. Like the stock battery, you can slot the RangeBuster into your JackRabbit OG or XG e-bike for 24 miles of range.

That may not be as impressive as some of the other long-range e-bike models we’ve seen, but it’s plenty for getting around a city or college campus. There aren’t many people looking to do 50-mile mini e-bike rides regularly, but the option is there when you pair the JackRabbit XG with two RangeBuster batteries.

The JackRabbit XG can fit two RangeBuster Batteries on its frame.


More Than Double The Range

Since the JackRabbit XG has two battery slots, you can fit two RangeBuster Batteries into the metal frame for more than 48 miles of range. If you have enough room to carry the e-bike’s two original batteries, you can get close to 70 miles of range by just swapping them back in. As for the JackRabbit OG, it only has one battery slot to upgrade. Still, doubling your range opens up your radius of feasible day trips around the city.

According to JackRabbit, the RangeBuster Battery will take 2.5 hours to fully charge with the Ultra Fast Charger and 3.5 hours with the XG charger. If you’re not in a rush, you can charge it overnight with the OG charger which will take 7 hours. Even though it’s larger than the original battery, the RangeBuster Battery comes in at under four lbs. You’ll need special permission from the Federal Aviation Administration to bring this in a plane, but it shouldn’t weigh you down much when it comes to your daily commute.

One of these RangeBuster Batteries will get you 24 miles.


The Cost of More Range

JackRabbit already has the RangeBuster Battery available on its website, but getting that kind of extra mileage will cost you. The upgraded battery goes for $399.99, which means a fully kitted-out JackRabbit XG that can get up to 70 miles will cost at least $2,149. Still, the RangeBuster Battery is a better value than JackRabbit’s existing Extra Battery that’s half the price but only gives you an extra 10 miles.

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