How To Preorder Apple’s Vision Pro Right Now

The headset will start shipping and be in Apple stores on February 2.

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Apple Vision Pro

Apple has officially opened the floodgates for its Vision Pro headset.

You can now preorder the highly-anticipated mixed-reality headset on Apple’s website, starting at $3,499. Although, Apple prefers it if you call it a “spatial computer.”

While the preorders are open today, the wait isn’t quite over — Apple starts shipping the Vision Pro on February 2. Still, we’re expecting a lot of pent-up demand with this headset since it’s supposed to change how we work, watch movies, and even relive memories.

Before you pull out your wallet, make sure you have an iPhone and your eye prescription on hand.


A Custom Fit For Everyone

Before you can hit the preorder button on Apple’s website, there are a couple of hoops you have to jump through. First off, you have to do a face scan to ensure a proper fit for the Vision Pro, which will require an iPhone or iPad with FaceID. This will determine how the headbands and Light Seal sit on your head to make the Vision Pro comfortable and prevent any outside light from seeping in.

After that, Apple will ask you if you need any of Zeiss’ optical inserts since the Vision Pro wasn’t designed on its own to work with glasses. If you just need reader inserts, it’ll cost you an extra $99. Otherwise, you can also upload your prescription to Zeiss and get custom lenses for $149. Once you’ve done these two steps, you can then choose which Vision Pro model you want.

We’ve known for a while about the starting $3,499 price that promises you 256GB of storage. Now, we can see that the 512GB model starts at $3,699 and the 1TB model will go for at least $3,899. That’s before any add-ons and optical inserts.

The Vision Pro’s Light Seal is meant to be snug against your face to prevent any unwanted outside light.


Coming to U.S. Customers First

If you’ve saved up enough money, you can preorder the Vision Pro and expect it to arrive in two weeks. The package comes with the headset itself, but also a loop band, cover, battery, light seal cushion, polishing cloth, and the power adapter and charging cable.

Apple says the Vision Pro will initially be available to U.S. customers, but has plans to open it up to more countries later this year. According to Bloomberg, Apple is considering opening up orders to Canada, the U.K., and China.

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