GPD’s Tiny New Handheld Gaming PC Looks Like a High-Powered Nintendo DS

The Win Mini handheld gaming PC sticks to GPD’s mini laptop form factor but adds a seven-inch high-refresh screen.

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GPD Win Mini

GPD’s newest flavor of mini-PC-turned-gaming-handeld is going mini.

According to GPD, the recently announced Win Mini will come with a seven-inch display that has a 120 Hz refresh rate. While a fast refresh rate isn’t unheard of in the handheld PC space — Asus’ ROG Ally also boasts a 120 Hz screen — it does beat out Steam Deck’s standard 60 Hz display by a significant margin. Neither of the two popular handhelds has a built-in keyboard though.

The Win Mini combines a clamshell design with a built-in keyboard.



GPD is building off its previous Win 2 design that basically looks like a mini laptop. While the latest Win Max 2 model has a larger keyboard, the Win Mini features a more portable design with a smaller keyboard that still has two programmable keys and an adjustable backlight.

GPD upgraded the Win Mini with AMD’s Ryzen 7 7840U or the Ryzen 5 7640U, with options for 16GB or 32GB of RAM, and 512GB or 2TB of SSD storage. You can even expand the storage further since the Win Mini has a microSD card slot. The seven-inch display puts out a 1080p resolution with a fast refresh rate, allowing you to play for a max of 85 minutes thanks to the 44 Wh battery.

The GPD Win Mini is lighter than the Steam Deck at just over a pound, and far less chunkier — about an inch thick. While it’s incredibly portable, you can dock the Win Mini to GPD’s G1 Oculink eGPU to turn it into a more powerful gaming PC.

GPD also designed the Win Mini to accommodate optional $30 grips that can be screwed onto the back to give a more ergonomic design.

The Win Mini will have optional $30 grip attachments.


Price and Release Date

GPD is planning to launch the Win Mini through Indiegogo, like all of its other gaming handhelds. The clamshell handheld starts at $699 for the base model with the Ryzen 7 7640U, 16GB of RAM, and 512GB of storage, while the top trim of the Win Mini with the Ryzen 7 7840U, 64GB RAM, and 2TB of storage goes for $1,178.

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