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This 137-Inch TV Has One Wild Trick: It Folds in Four Places

The folding design lets it completely hide away when not being used.

C Seed N1 unfolding TV
C Seed
CES 2024

It’s CES 2024, so we’re expecting some wild demos of excessively gaudy gadgets. This year, C Seed has delivered exactly that, with an in-person preview of its folding TV.

C Seed first announced that the N1 was open for orders last year, but the company is finally looking to start shipping the unique 4K TV sometime in the first quarter of this year. The N1’s ability to go from a 137-inch TV made up of four microLED panels into a minimalist metallic sculpture is what makes it stand out.

That’s a feature that should turn the heads of any of your house guests, plus you don’t have to stare at a blank display when you’re not watching TV. Instead, you get this brutalist stand made of metal that looks like it fits right in for a rich supervillain’s covert lair.

Watch the Magic Happen

C Seed says it takes a full minute for the N1 to rise to 7.8 feet tall, then another 25 seconds for the microLED panels to unfurl completely. You won’t see any hitches in between the four panels either since the N1 uses a patented system called the Adaptive Gap Calibration to ensure there are no visible gaps. This entire process is fully automated so you can just sit back and admire the engineering behind it.

Once it’s an actual TV, the N1 gets you 4K resolution, as well as vivid colors and deeper blacks thanks to the microLED design. C Seed even designed the TV to rotate up to 180 degrees so you can angle it to wherever you’re watching from. For audio, the N1 has a built-in soundbar that’s slotted into the bottom of the frame.

The N1 moonlights as metallic art next to your marble statues.

C Seed

Indoor and Outdoor Models Available

The 137-inch model shown off at CES 2024 is meant for indoor use and starts at $200,000. You can go for the 103- or 165-inch versions, but each of them will come in either metallic silver or champagne colors.

If that’s not expensive enough for you, C Seed has a model that’s made for outdoor usage that comes in 137- or 165-inch models. This weatherproofed version allows for viewing even with direct sunshine and has a surface coating to prevent glare. Of course, it’s more expensive with a starting price of $240,000. Say you could afford either of these wildly pricey TVs, C Seed doesn’t make many of them so you may be stuck waiting a while.

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