Leaked Video Shows Browsing Safari in Apple Vision Pro Is Super Smooth

This isn’t the same 2D Safari web browser you’re accustomed to.

Apple Vision Pro demo

The latest rumors suggest that Apple Vision Pro is launching by the end of February, so it’s no surprise that leaks are flooding in.

Thanks to videos from X user @M1Astra, we have a better look at how much more multitasking you can accomplish with Apple’s Safari web browser inside of visionOS.

Instead of a static 2D web browsing experience, Safari on the Apple Vision Pro lets you plop multiple windows and tabs in 3D space inside of the headset. This means a fully customizable work experience, whether that means a simple two-window setup or five windows for extreme productivity.

As Many Tabs As You Want?

You’d think a flood of tabs would get hairy to operate, but the demo shows off the smooth operation that lets you switch between open windows and then the individual tabs within them. You can also drag out tabs to make new windows and reposition and resize them as you please. The demo shows up to five windows at a time, but there doesn’t seem to be a limit to how many you can open. That’s perfect for those of us who chronically have dozens of tabs open at once.

On top of the freedom to set up your virtual workspace as you want, the demos show off how the Vision Pro can implement 3D objects into Safari. In @M1Astra’s video (taken down due to copyright claims but still viewable on Discord) you can view a 3D render of the Vision Pro in 360 degrees and even resize it. The 3D object even casts a shadow onto the other tabs to indicate that you have it selected. While minor, this feature helps you get a quick overview of an object’s scale or design.

Apple’s trailer for the Vision Pro gave us a sneak peek at how Safari looks in virtual reality, but not the whole picture.


Safari For Spatial Computing Is Coming Soon

You’ll be able to try out Safari on Vision Pro soon enough, considering Apple’s “early 2024” release is any day now. Release date rumors are constantly changing, but the last rumors claim production is ramping up for a launch by the end of February. There’s one thing that’s not in question: the $3,500 price tag.

We’re eager to try Safari for spatial computing in person and see how it differentiates from the 2D Safari experience on Macs, iPads, and iPhones.

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