Why Apple Vision Pro Could Be a Hassle if You Wear Glasses

People with glasses are in for a rude wake-up call.

Having glasses and owning the Apple Vision Pro might be even more annoying than we thought.

As you may already know, if you wear glasses and are looking to order Apple’s headset, you’re forced to add on Zeiss optical inserts since the Vision Pro doesn’t work with any eyewear. The need for additional custom lenses is already kind of annoying, but as it turns out you’ll also have to pair the optical inserts with the headset itself, as discovered by M1Astra on X.

Pairing Process

The pairing process is fairly straightforward since you just scan a personalized code that comes in the box holding the optical inserts. You might have to look for a serial number that’s engraved on the side of the Zeiss lenses, but once it’s set up, you can just snap them into place thanks to the magnetic connection.

That’s all on top of the preordering process that requires you to scan your face with an Apple device that has FaceID and determine if you need Zeiss’ prescription optical inserts which adds $149 to the $3,499 starting price tag.

It doesn’t sound like there will be third-party options for optical inserts for the Apple Vision Pro, either. Even if you found a janky way to get unauthorized lenses in there, there’s a good chance it won’t work since you have to pair the lenses.

Installing the optical inserts into the Apple Vision Pro is easy, but you still have to pair them for some reason.


Worth the Hassle?

It’s hard not to compare this process to the Quest 3 headset, which can fit on your face over most glasses. Meta even has a prescription lens insert option with Zenni, but doesn’t require any pairing.

That means there’s no ordering customized prescription lenses, there’s no pairing process, and you’re not dropping $3,648 for a mixed reality experience that works with your less-than-ideal eyesight.

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