Apple's Next-Gen Vision Pro Headset Could Have One Major Display Upgrade

An early round of rumors points to improved displays.

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Apple’s first-ever mixed reality headset hasn’t even hit the shelves yet, but we’re already hearing rumors about the second-gen Vision Pro.

According to Omdia, a market research firm, Apple is planning to use improved micro-OLED displays that would make for a brighter and more efficient display in its next-gen mixed reality headset, as first reported by The Elec.

Apple may already be working on a successor to its Vision Pro headset.


Tetherless experience?

More specifically, Omdia says the second-gen Apple headset will use RGB OLEDoS displays, which will be an upgrade over the soon-to-be-released Vision Pro which uses WOLED displays with a color filter.

The upgraded displays will improve brightness while achieving better efficiency, according to Omdia. A brighter display would certainly be an upgrade, but the improved efficiency could address one of the Vision Pro’s potential pain points. As incredible as the Vision Pro experience is, it’s still hampered by the fact that it has to be tethered to a battery pack or a Mac. Displays that consume less power could mean less reliance on a tether, but we’ll have to wait a few years to see what Apple has in store for its next headset.

We’re guessing a Vision Pro 2 will cost even more than $3,500.


Get Ready For a Long Wait

For now, we’re waiting for Apple to release the Vision Pro that’s scheduled to drop by February, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. Beyond that, Gurman previously predicted that the next-gen Apple headsets wouldn’t be arriving until 2025. That does loosely line up with industry leaker Ming-Chi Kuo’s claims that the Vision Pro 2 would enter mass production by the first half of 2027.

As for the cost, better displays would warrant a slight price hike. Even though the $3,500 cost for the first Vision Pro is already high, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Apple bump up the price with a next-gen model. At least you can start saving now.

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