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Shark Week 2021: 7 weird facts to sink your teeth into


Scientists discover biggest mass extinction since the dinosaurs

Deep Blue Sea
Illustration of sharks forming a circle under a boat in water

Why do sharks swim in circles? Science has finally solved it

There’s a logical explanation.

Last Call

You need to watch the scariest sci-fi movie on Hulu before it leaves next week

Deep Blue Sea took movies back to the 1970s for chills, and it absolutely worked.

You're gonna need a bigger boat

The biggest fish in the world are girls

No bones about it

Ancient fish forces rethink how sharks evolved to be expert swimmers

What makes a shark a shark? A new finding challenges one of scientists' key theories about these marine predators.

The Abstract Podcast

Science brings sea monsters to life

In this episode, we discuss how the latest scientific discoveries have reignited the hunt for sea monsters.


Test your great white shark knowledge with these 5 questions


5 Most Common Shark Myths: BUSTED

Illustrations by JoAnna Wendel

shark science

Sharks are all around us. Scientists explain why we don't need to fear.

"Humans definitely are not on any shark's menu."

ba-dum ba-dum

Why the image of a shark's fin above water is an outdated stereotype

The image is "probably not a very accurate picture."

Bite me

Sharksploitation movies get 1 thing right that Jaws got wrong

Sharksploitation movies are "in on the joke," shark scientists say.