Kaitlin Sullivan

Kaitlin Sullivan is an award-winning freelance health, science, and environment reporter based in Minneapolis. She holds a master's degree from the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY and has covered issues in New York, Colorado, Minnesota, Mexico, and Panama. When she's not reporting, she's probably hiking, gardening, reading cookbooks, eating popcorn, or reading white papers on water scarcity.

Brain Buzz

Ketamine-assisted therapy could help heavy drinkers stay sober longer — study

This could be the first new treatment for alcoholism in decades.


Scientists find a hopeful link between antidepressants and surviving Covid-19

A growing body of evidence suggests Covid-19 patients on SSRIs are less likely to die.

Mind and Body

Study: Diet alone won’t cure cancer, but it may boost treatments

A new study on mice reveals an intriguing link between caloric restriction and cancer.

Gut check

Scientist identify a complex link between gut bacteria and prostate cancer

A widely used treatment for advanced prostate cancer can be thwarted by gut microbiota.

Tick tock

What is the limit to human life? A striking number explained

Here's why more people will live beyond 100 in the future.


One ancient mindfulness hack can reduce stress in seconds

If you're stressed about summer ending, taking a few deep breaths could be the answer.

Family tree

Ancient bacteria reveals the critical food early humans ate

Mineralized dental plaque preserved ancient microbial information.

Fish food

The best healthy seafood diet depends on one critical factor

It’s time to diversify what you eat, and what's in the water.

Mind on my money

Brain scans reveal the mind can predict stock price changes

Your brain already knows what the stock market will do.

Mind and Body

Susceptibility to depression may link back to sperm — study

Research on mice suggests changes to molecules in sperm influence mental health.