Jocelyn Solis-Moreira

Jocelyn Solis-Moreira is a freelance journalist covering health and science. She has reported on various topics, including coronavirus news, women’s health, and neuroscience research. She is also a member of the National Association of Science Writers and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. Her stories have been published in Discover Magazine, Verywell Health, Live Science, among other publications.

When Jocelyn’s not working, she enjoys traveling, hiking, and nerding out about anime.

Mind and Body

The right time to make a decision may depend on this overlooked biological factor

What chronotype are you?

Sweat it out

Most-effective core exercises: Why traditional sit-ups may not be best for your routine

Plank it.

Mind and Body

Is there a best time to drink coffee? Plan your cups to optimize exercise, sleep, and alertness

Grab yourself a coffee and buckle up.

Mind and Body

The secret to treating Long Covid may lie in the gut microbiome

Bacterial populations may predict who gets Long Covid.

The story of you

How to start exercising: 3 psychology-backed strategies to hit fitness goals

Exercise is good for everybody, but not everyone likes to exercise.

Gut check

Want to quit smoking but too scared of weight gain? Your gut may hold the key

The gut microbiome is more powerful than you think.

gut check

Gut study reveals DNA changes in bacteria may alter how the body absorbs fat

In a study published this week in the journal 'Cell Host & Microbe,' scientists analyzed the genetic makeup of the myriad organisms within the gut microbiome.

Gut Week

Gut health could prevent one of the most worrying Covid-19 side effects

“Maintaining a healthy microbiome through healthy diet would definitely benefit in fighting against Covid-19.”

Gut Week

Why the gut may be humans’ “first brain”

This is not science fiction.

Gut Week

This one nutritional strategy can benefit gut health — and fight inflammation

A study published in July found fermented foods may be particularly useful in boosting gut microbial diversity and fighting inflammation.

Gut Week

Scientists have discovered a link between one problematic emotion and gut health

Your microbiome’s diversity may depend on your mood.

Gut week

Can vaccines help protect the gut? Fungus study hints at future treatments

Fungi are important members of the microbiome — but they can also hurt human health.

Mind and Body

Western diets may have a pernicious side-effect on the gut microbiome — study

Put down the French fries, perhaps.

Gut Week

Gut study uncovers a surprising role for immune cells in nutrient absorption

In a study was published earlier this year in the journal Science, scientists uncovered a direct role for immune cells in controlling nutrient absorption in the small intestine.

dirty business

Gut study reveals a “mind-blowing" strategy to reverse aging in the brain

“By restoring the microbiome, we’re targeting it through this transplantation, we’re able to reverse age-related cognitive deficits.”

Mind and Body

Gut study reveals one behavior may matter more than genes for long-term health

You have the power.


Scientists link 2 gut microbes to hormone-fueled cancer

Treatment-resistant cancer may be driven — at least in part — by the makeup of the gut microbiome.


These everyday household chemicals may explain why you can't lose weight

Your soda addiction may be sabotaging your weight-loss goals — but not for the reason you think.