Pokémon Stadium Was Ahead of Its Time

ByDaniel Dockery

But 25 years later, Nintendo’s most ambitious Pokémon game can feel like a husk of its former self.

YOKOHAMA, JAPAN - AUGUST 14 : People in Pikachu costumes are seen during the Pokemon Parade in Minat...

It’s Been 25 Years Since ‘90s Kids Got Their Second Favorite Pokémon Game

ByMo Mozuch

This unexpected sequel kept Pokémon Fever running hot.

Pokémon Snap

25 Years Ago, One Pokémon Spinoff Redefined the Franchise

ByHayes Madsen

Point and shoot.

Detective Pikachu Returns
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Pokémon Legends Z-A Could Take Inspiration From an Overlooked Spinoff

ByHayes Madsen

The bold new idea the series needs.

Slowpoke Island

Who Doesn’t Love a Mysterious Pokémon Island?

ByDaniel Dockery

The Sevii Islands are still a shining example of this bizarre franchise tradition.

A Grizzbolt with a minigun

Where To Find Astegon, Faleris, and Orserk in 'Palworld'

ByMo Mozuch

A late-game wildlife sanctuary is home to a number of S-Tier pals.

Lamball, Chikipee, and Cattiva

‘Palworld’ Fusion Pal Breeding Combos and Starter Guide

ByMo Mozuch

Love is blind but it loves cake, apparently.

Haru hangs with Psyduck in Pokémon Concierge
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'Pokémon Concierge' Is the Healing Balm We Need to Wrap Up 2023

ByLyvie Scott

Netflix's four-part miniseries gives its Pokémon — and its audience — a much-needed vacation.


The IRL Lesson I Learned from Gaming: Resilience

ByNatalie Schriefer

Available to players of any skill level — no Twitch subscribers required.

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How an Underrated Pokémon Spinoff Changed My Relationship With Video Games

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Pika Power!