Where To Find Astegon, Faleris, and Orserk in 'Palworld'

A late-game wildlife sanctuary is home to a number of S-Tier pals.

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Palworld is the hottest game of 2024 so far, and for good reason. Its gameplay is like a blend of Pokémon, Fortnite, and Breath of the Wild that manages to keep players engaged with its unique Pals mechanics, notably the different ways you can put Pals to work for you to make your bases bigger and better. As your ambitions grow, so will your need for more powerful Pals. Once you’ve exhausted the mainland areas of the game you’ll need to stretch your wings and cross the waters to find the wildlife sanctuaries home to endangered species of Pals.

This distinctly-shaped island in the northeast corner of the map is home to No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary.

No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary may be the best of the bunch, with heavy hitters like Astegon, Faleris and Orserk, along with a host of others, ready to be captured. Assuming you’ve got what it takes. You’ll need level 40+ skills, Pals, and weapons at your disposal. Be warned! These sanctuaries are meant to be off-limits to people, so if you’re spotted by the guards they will chase you across the entire map until you’re dead. Bummer.

The sanctuary is easy enough to find, however. It’s at the top of the map in the northeast corner. You need to have a flying mount to reach it, so come prepared. The Deep Sand Dunes fast travel point will get you close. Once you travel there, simply head north east until you see the sanctuary.

How to Find and Catch Astegon

Astegon’s high-level mining skill is a huge asset for base building.

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As with all the Pals in this sanctuary, there's no fixed location to find Astegon. You’ll need to do some scouting, which is easiest from the back of a flying mount like Vanwyrm or Ragnahawk. Once you spot Astegon you’ll want to work quickly to take it down. It’s a Dragon/Dark elemental type, so you’ll want an Ice or Dark pal to help you take it down. Astegon is a flying mount, and has level 4 mining which makes it a great addition to your base.

How to Find and Catch Faleris

A brightly-colored fire type, Faleris is easy to spot in the skies around No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary.

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Faleris is easy to spot thanks to its big, bright orange wingtips. As its color scheme suggests, it’s a fire type, so bring along your most powerful Water type to help counter its attacks. High kindling and transport skills make it a valuable worker for your more industrial base-building pursuits.

How to Find and Catch Orserk

Orserk is a renewable energy source with an attitude.

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Orserk is an Electric/Dragon type that is among the more elusive Pals you’ll find at the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary. If you’re coming to catch one and don’t see it right away, it’s best to leave and go sleep at your base to reset the spawns on the island rather than wait for it to appear. It may take several trips until you see one, but come prepared with your best Ice or Ground type Pal. Orserk’s best skill is Generating Electricity which will help you power things like Electric Medicine Workbenches and Electric Kitchens.

While these three are the most desirable of the bunch, completionists looking to fill out their Paldeck will still need to keep an eye out for the remaining S-Tier Pals in the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary: Incineram Noct, Fenglope, Blazamut, Lyleen, and Shadowbeak.

Palworld is available now on Game Pass. It’s also for sale on Xbox and PC.

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