45 weird things getting wildly popular on Amazon

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Sure, social media has spurred some unique shopping trends — but if you want to know what weird items people find to be wildly useful, you should check out Amazon. There, customers discover never-thought-of-before items — and once they hop into the reviews section to share their wisdom, those items become popular. The online store is a fantastic place to discover trending life hacks, surprising cures, and clever tools that you probably never knew you needed. Seriously, I challenge you to pour through these weird things that are getting wildly popular on Amazon and not discover at least one cool trinket you haven't thought of before.

Here's the thing, though: When stuff starts trending on Amazon, it's usually not because an influencer took a gorgeous photo that was designed to make everyone else jealous. It's because customers — oftentimes after a long search — have finally found the things they needed. Sometimes, those things solve different problems or cure for a common ailments — and other times, they just make daily tasks a little bit easier (like making tea, shaving, or tying your shoes).

Believe it or not, some of the most useful and popular products on the web are also the weirdest. That includes the following items — so start scrolling and adding them to your cart.

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