42 unexpected things Amazon reviewers are going wild over

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by Christina X. Wood
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In my opinion, the vast group of Amazon reviewers has turned into a resource for not only finding out what products to buy while shopping, but also for offering life hacks, tips, and unexpected uses for products you didn't know you needed. And even though I haven't met them, I still trust them. For example, if someone with the creative pen name "Amazon Customer" wrote me a letter and explained how a dough scraper can be used to convey chopped garlic into a pan, I'd believe it. I don't believe every review I read, of course — but when I come across unexpected things Amazon reviewers are going wild over, I usually follow along.

When I talk about people "going wild over" over products, I mean they're writing ecstatic reviews about them, leaving four- and five-star ratings, and even telling their family, friends, and peers about their purchases. Tons of them seem to be stoked about the out-of-the-ordinary items below, like the ice maker that turns into an ice bucket and the camping light that doubles as a fan. Yes, they're unexpected — but there's a reason why they're so popular.

If you're curious to find out why, go ahead and check out the products on this list.

1. These slick lights for the interior of your car

Did you know you can turn the interior of your car into a disco, romantic getaway, or bright spot to study in between classes with these cool interior strip lights? They plug into your car lighter and are controlled with an app on your phone — and its no wonder there's so much excitement over these. They are super easy to install, and they stick (pretty much) wherever you want them to. In all, they will change the mood inside your vehicle in a second.

2. This tool so you never have to touch germ-ridden doors

How many people have touched the door you're about to walk through, or even the ATM machine you're about to use? If you bring this tool with you when you go out, you won't have to directly touch those surfaces. It has a hook for gripping faucets or handles, along with a stylus tip for touching checkout screens or pushing buttons. There are three in this pack, which means you can hand one to all of your housemates and help protect everyone.

3. A portable vacuum that's made to use in your car

You can tick off "get car detailed" off your to-do list. Thanks to this portable vacuum, you'll never need to do that again. Picking someone up at the airport? Simply plug it into your car outlet and clean while you wait. It's powerful, boasts a HEPA filter, and tucks neatly away into the carrying case. This thing is particularly popular with dog parents and beach goers.

4. These shelving mats that help keep the fridge clean

Contrary to belief, hundreds of people are excited about liners for the shelves in their refrigerators. These mats are easy-to-clean and colorful — and people are using them to color-code the fridge shelves while keeping the surfaces dry and clean. They can even be used to help keep produce fresh.

5. This scratch remover that'll revamp the paint job on your car

This scratch and swirl remover is the kind of product you buy when someone dings your car (or if you accidentally dinged it on your own). Since it does an awesome job at making the scratches blend in, it'll save you tons of money on a professional repair. That's why people on Amazon can't get enough of it. They're amazed at how easy it is to use and how thoroughly it removes dings and marks.

6. A portable power solution for road trips & camping

For camping, road trips, and charging everyone's gear on the road, many Amazon customers love this power converter that turns a car lighter into two standard outlets and two USB plugs. It has an aluminum allow body and a 24-inch cord, and it'll quickly charge two devices at once. There's even a cooling fan along with a power light so you know it's working.

7. These window shades that ease the glare in the backseat

Tons of Amazon reviewers are amazed by these tidy and simple shades that stick right onto their car windows for extra protection against the sun's rays. There are no rollers or suction cups involved; just stick them to the glass with static and take them off just as easily. You can store them in the included storage bag when you aren't using them.

8. This spray that protects your furniture & car seats from UV rays

When you leave certain furniture outside or within view of direct sunlight, it usually disintegrates or becomes discolored. But if you clean it with this spray — which is apparently aerospace-engineered — that won't be a huge issue anymore. Spray it onto the vinyl, plastic, leather, or fiberglass of you patio furniture, boat, car, or anything you keep outside — and it'll protect it from UV rays while keeping it youthful.

9. A storage bin so your groceries don't fly around the car

Thousands of people have apparently conquered the problem of grocery items flying around the backseat, and I'm listening. This cargo area and trunk organizer has big pockets and lots of room for grocery bags or luggage — and straps down, which keeps everything in place. It's also handy for road trips or in-car organization. It fits in the trunk or rides in a passenger seat, where it's great for keeping snacks, toys, and other items you'll want to keep on hand. It also folds down for storage.

10. This shaving powder that replaces your razor

I had no idea that people were mixing this powder with water, slathering it onto their skin, and waiting five minutes for the miracle of chemistry to completely remove their unwanted body hair. Yes, it's apparently a thing, and people are very excited about it. It works quickly and leaves no razor bumps.

11. These hydrocolloid patches that cover & cure unwanted acne

These hydrocolloid acne patches made with tea tree oil and calendula can help sooth and heal breakouts while covering them up. They're also clear, so you can wear them while you're out and about. One pack comes with 40 of them, and they're all cruelty free.

12. This solution that helps smooth foot calluses within minutes

If you've ever had cracked and calloused feet, you will completely understand why people are going wild for this effective callus remover. If you soak your feet in warm water, apply some of this callus remover, wait a few minutes and buff away the rough skin, you can turn the whole painful and rough foot thing around and have soft, healthy feet in time for date night.

13. This wedge pillow with an adjustable neck cushion

Need a little extra support while you're reading in bed? This wedge pillow is not only stuffed with shredded memory foam, but the neck cushion is also adjustable depending on how you prefer to recline. It's so versatile that you can even use it while sitting on the floor for some added comfort — and some reviewers even found that it helped alleviate discomfort from acid reflux.

14. This neck gaiter that comes in over 25 designs

Thousands of people are donning this neck gaiter while going out into the world. It's lightweight, breathable, and stretchy — and you can fold it over whenever you need to. When you aren't covering your face, you can wear it around your neck for convenience. It makes a nice hair wrap, too.

15. A carbon fiber wallet that holds a lot while staying compact

This minimalist carbon fiber wallet takes carrying a bit of money and some cards to a whole new level. Pack it tight and carry it around on its own, or fit it inside one of your wallet pockets. Instead of carrying bulky leather folds and a ton of old receipts, just keep your must-haves in here.

16. This laptop cooling pad with adjustable fan speeds

Laptops grow warm when they're running for a long time. It happens. But a lot of people have discovered that setting a laptop on this fan pad cools down their device. The wind speed on this is adjustable, and the LCD readout keeps you apprised of the settings. Plus, you can set the angle for optimum ergonomics.

17. A silly, simple card game that buyers "highly recommend"

Whip this silly game out when everyone is waiting for a bus or hanging out at home. It's quick to learn, simple to play, and pretty hilarious. Basically, it goes like this: When a card matches the word you say — taco, cat, goat, cheese, or pizza — slap your hand onto the pile. The last person to slap the pile has to add those cards to their stack, and the person without any more cards left wins.

18. This mildew-resistant shower curtain that's antimicrobial

It's a shower curtain, right? So why are people so excited about it? Because it's antimicrobial and mildew-resistant — that's why. It includes six grommets (which are resistant to rust), and it's available in four colors along with three size options. Plus, the smallest option is less than $10.

19. These deep-pocketed sheets that are so soft you'll want all the colors

These microfiber sheets are super soft — almost like silk — and they have extra-deep pockets to fit dense mattresses. There are over 40 colors and patterns to choose from (along with different sizes for different beds), so you can dress your mattress for every season.

20. An eco-friendly stain remover that'll make your shower shine

This is a hard-water stain remover, which sounds really boring. But people are absolutely raving about it on Amazon, because it helps get your tub clean. You need to use some elbow grease, but it smells amazing and is eco-friendly. At the time of publication, it's a #1 Best Seller with over 2,000 positive reviews.

21. This mesh racquet that zaps bugs on contact

Minutes after you get this bug zapper out of the package, you'll be prancing around the house without worrying about insects. Available in three sizes, the racket boasts three layers of mesh around a 4,000-volt grid that zaps most bugs on contact — and its rechargeable batteries power via USB.

22. The bug catcher that captures insects with a UV light & fan

Bug infestations are the worst; gnats that fly up your nose and mosquitoes that bite in the night are never fun. This little bug catcher tempts them all into its embrace with a gentle UV light, a fan that brings them in, and stickiness that keeps them there.

23. A meat thermometer with a magnet on the back

The secret to a perfect steak — or chicken, fish, and pork loin — is knowing its internal temperature. This is a thing you can only know if you have a good meat thermometer on hand. Guess what? This one is affordable, convenient, and easy to use. Plus, it has a built-in magnet so you can store it on the side of your refrigerator when you're not using it.

24. This spice rack that fits into your drawer

Turn the junk drawer into the best spice rack around with this bamboo drawer organizer that's designed to hold spice bottles at precisely the right angle so you can find what you need. And since it's designed to fit a kitchen drawer, you'll have more space in your cabinets. Plus, it makes everything extremely easy to find.

25. The citrus squeezer that makes effortless lemon & lime juice

Don't let the bright colors of this lemon-and-lime squeezer fool you into thinking it's plastic. This is a solid metal tool that does a great job at making citrus juice within seconds. Put one half of a lemon or lime in the center compartment, and then squeeze. It'll hold onto the seeds and puts the juice exactly where you want it — whether that's a glass of water or a piece of salmon.

26. The tabletop chopper that dices veggies, separates eggs, & more

This tiny food processor does it all, thanks to the various included attachments. It's the one you want when you need those olives, onions, or garlic chopped quickly — or even when you're trying to separate eggs and make a quick batch of dip. It's small, manual, and easy to clean.

27. This set of portable silverware so you don't have to use plastic

How many awful plastic sporks have you been forced to eat with? Never again. This full-sized set of utensils comes in a nifty carrying case that'll fit easily into your book bag or lunch box. It's got everything, including straws and chopsticks. Not only does this make you completely self-sufficient, but it saves the planet from all the disposable utensils you would otherwise throw away.

28. A pastry scraper that's also useful while preparing savory meals

This pastry scraper has a fan club — even with people who don't bake — because it's so useful. It's great for its intended purpose of handling pastry and bread dough, but it's also great for moving chopped foods from the cutting board onto the pan. Plus, it's made with stainless steel and has measuring markers on it.

29. This salad spinner that makes it so easy to clean your greens

This bowl spinner makes it easier than ever to wash your greens before tossing your salad. Throw the lettuce or veggies into it and then put the lid on top. Then, run water over everything and spin the unit to dry the contents off. You can even use the clear bowl underneath as a serving dish after your salad is prepared.

30. The trimmer designed for unwanted ear, nose, & brow hairs

Plucking can be painful, whereas this trimmer gently removes unwanted hair from your ears, nose, and brows completely pain-free. Each order comes with three interchangeable trimming heads, as well as one set of batteries. And since it's also waterproof, you can even use it in the shower to help you save time on busy mornings.

31. An ice maker that doubles as an ice bucket

You can toss your old ice cube trays and replace them with this bucket, which makes more ice while taking up less space. Simply fill it with water, place the liner inside, and let it freeze. When the cubes are ready, pop the ice out so they pile into the bucket. And when you have plenty of ice and need to chill a bottle of wine, you can use it as a cooler.

32. This tiny, convenient shelf you can stick basically anywhere

Need a place to set your phone, a speaker, or some other small item that you need to keep handy? This little shelf will stick anywhere and do the trick. It has little ridges so your phone will stand up, and it's easy to install: just peel and stick. The unit comes in lots of great finishes to match your home, and each one can hold up to 5 pounds.

33. This pet hair remover that doesn't use sticky tape

Tired or wearing your pet's fur after sitting on your couch? Pet owners — especially cat parents — have written that this pet hair remover is the best way to get pet hair off the furniture. It's not sticky; instead, it has a brilliantly designed roller system that works in either direction by quickly grabbing fur and corralling it into its chamber that you can empty.

34. The portable blender that mixes your protein shakes on the go

Tired of half-shaken protein drinks that you made in a hurry? This blender-and-cup combo uses an onboard motor to mix the powder into your liquid so you get a smooth and drinkable beverage every time. (It's great for making a lemonade on the go, too.) The base is rechargeable and removes from the cup for easy cleaning. Also, it lights up when it's mixing — because that's cool.

35. This anti-fog spray that's useful while wearing a face mask

If you wear glasses, wearing a face mask means that half the time you can't see through the fog on your lenses. This spray is the solution, and it's so simple to use. Spray a bit onto your glasses, and wipe them down. Move forward with your life and forget that fogged glasses was ever a thing. Once you have the stuff on hand, you'll probably also hit the windshield, bathroom mirror, snorkeling mask, swim goggles, and everything else in your life that fogs up. Reviewers are very enthusiastic about this quick solution to a sudden (but universal) hiccup.

36. This headphone stand with a built-in USB port

Headphones can easily break if they get knocked to the ground, so why not keep them safely perched on this stand when you're not using them? There's a built-in USB port on the bottom so that you can also charge them — and unlike competitor stands, this one features a chic LED strip light at the base with more than 16 million colors to choose from.

37. A picnic blanket that folds into a pouch

This is the tiny package you'll want to keep in your car, beach bag, or suitcase. It holds a blanket that is tiny and light when packed away. But when you get it out of the bag and open it up, the waterproof blanket measures 5 by 6.7 feet and can keep you dry even if the ground is wet.

38. The narrow umbrella that's perfect for a stroller or beach chair

Clip this narrow umbrella to your beach chair and enjoy the weather without exposing your skin and eyes to strong sun rays. It creates the perfect amount of shade right above you without interrupting those in your area. You can also attach it to a stroller or wheelchair for direct shade. It's so clever that reviewers have written how it's "fantastic" and "versatile."

39. These bike lights that make it easier to ride in the dark

If your best commute is done on two wheels, you are going to want some of these USB-rechargeable bike lights so you can see — and be seen — at night. They're light and simple to attach, so you can mount them permanently to your bike or move them around. They're also bright and have three light patterns to pick from.

40. The waterproof bag that'll keep your gear dry

Where do you put your towel, lunch, and phone when you get into your kayak or spend the day near the water? Answer: In this waterproof dry bag. It's transparent, so you can easily find your stuff — and it has several handles and a shoulder strap for simple carrying. Whatever your water sport is, this is a must-have accessory. It comes in lots of sizes, clear colors, and many opaque options if you prefer your privacy.

41. This camping lantern that doubles as a cooling fan

If you're going camping, you need a lantern — because when the sun goes down, you won't be able to see without one. Thankfully, this lantern is also a fan — and it's building a large following. The versatile lamp sits (or hangs) anywhere while producing a breeze and a beam of light. It's like a ceiling fan for your tent.

42. A magnetic screen door that keeps bugs out & lets pets in

This is such a brilliant solution to the ongoing summer conflict of leaving the door open for a breeze while accidentally letting bugs in. It's more like a curtain than a door, complete with a magnetic opening down the middle that lets humans and pets through while also providing airflow. The fine mesh fabric will close while not in use to help prevent the flies and mosquitoes from getting in.

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