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by Christina X. Wood
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Let's face it: Life is full of uncontrollable irritants and inconveniences. That's why you have to keep a stiff upper lip and make the best of things. When you're facing disorganization, tidy it up. If your shower drain keeps getting clogged, find a solution. As you can see, there are so many inventions that have been made to help solve those common problems — and they include the genius Amazon products on this list. When certain solutions work, they make those daily hiccups a little bit easier to overcome.

In this collection of must-have products, I've included selections that are meant to help relieve back pain, aches, and sleeplessness. There are also smart plugs to help upgrade the tech in your house, along with organizational tools to store your clothes, belts, and more. I even added a simple solution to moving your half-finished puzzle off the kitchen table so you have room to eat dinner. And wait, did I tell you about the portable fan that doubles as a space heater? Because that exists, too. I'm telling you, these products are genius.

Like I said, folks have come up with tons of solutions that'll help make your day-to-day a little bit easier. You can find a few of them right here.

1. The case that keeps your batteries in one spot

When the battery in your remote, flashlight, or watch fails, it starts an irritating search through your junk drawer. Then, you have to figure out which of the batteries you found still have power. Sound familiar? Not to people who own this battery case, because they have forgotten what that's like. All the batteries are here. They are sorted by size, and you can see at a glance when you need to replenish your supply. Bonus: There's also a battery tester included.

2. This mat that lets you roll your unfinished puzzles up

Unless you live in a mansion with room for every activity, there will probably come a time when you'll want to use the table your unfinished puzzle is on. This inflatable tube with a roll-up mat lets you put your not-yet-finished creation away without giving up on it. Just work on the puzzle above the mat (that's important). Then, instead of eating dinner standing up, roll the mat up when you want to use the table, set the puzzle carefully aside, and eat. Unroll it again to get back to puzzling.

3. A lavender-scented pillow spray to help you fall asleep

Believe it or not, the calming scent of lavender can help you sleep better. Scent is directly connected to the emotional center of the brain, so smells are surprisingly effective at evoking responses and emotions in humans. Simply spray this pure lavender essential oil onto your pillow, and then let it relax you. One reviewer wrote, "I love the true lavender scent in this spray. I use on my pillows and blankets nightly and enjoy falling asleep to the scent."

4. The stamp that you can use instead of a paper shredder

Tired of fixing your shredder? Welcome to the club. But don't give up on protecting your information just because that machine is maddening. When you want to shred your bills or personal documents, try using this stamp. It uses a unique pattern to disguise addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, and whatever else you want to hide with a simple roll across the page. Now, you can put your papers in the recycling.

5. This cushioned neck relaxer that helps align your spine

After a day of sitting in front of a computer, the neck and shoulder pain can start. Rest your head on this relaxer, though, and it'll help decompress your upper spine while taking pressure off your neck and shoulders. It's not a bed pillow. It's a therapeutic device that'll give you a few minutes where the weight of your head is gone while your neck is elongated and in perfect alignment. Reviewers have written that it feels amazing and helps get rid of neck tension, and head and shoulder pain.

6. The electric callous remover that's waterproof

When you get a pedicure, the calluses on your feet are usually removed with a file. This little electric device can also make that happen, but you don't need an appointment. Instead, just charge it up, turn it on, and let the spinning files smooth your skin. It's waterproof, so you can use it wet or dry. Plus, it's completely rechargeable.

7. A collapsible cutting board that's also a colander

Colanders are necessary in the kitchen. You need them to wash vegetables and strain pasta, but they honestly take up way too much space. Not this one, though. It's collapsible, so you can use it as a cutting board or a strainer. Just unfold it when you need a roomy colander. Then, push it back down to store it or cut on it. Two bulky kitchen tools have been compressed into one easy-to-manage one.

8. This vegetable chopper that collects the pieces as you go

Instead of chopping onions, eggs, or tomatoes, put them on the Vidalia Chop Wizard and close the lid. It takes it from there, chopping your ingredients into tidy, uniform squares within seconds (and in one swift movement). Your egg salad will be ready nearly instantly. That stir fry will be in the pan pronto. And whatever you don't use, you can store right in the container that catches the chopped pieces. Reviewers have considered this a kitchen must-have.

9. A manual cheese grater that suctions to your table

A mandoline is handy in the kitchen. You can use it to slice vegetables and shred cheese quickly and precisely. This round mandoline is easy to use, and it helps protect your fingers while using it. Just put your cheese or vegetables into the shoot, suction the unit firmly onto a flat surface, and crank the handle to slice, shred, or grate. Job done! Hands intact!

10. The universal wrench with rotatable end pieces

This one tool is double sided, and it can accommodate eight different wrench sizes on each end. It also lets you work on a 45-degree angle, making it useful for tons of projects. Plus, it's made with high-carbon steel and boasts a non-slip plastic handle for extra grip. You'll want to to toss in your easy-to-reach toolbox or in the car for unexpected repairs.

11. This plug that'll turn your house into a smart home

You know what makes life easier? This smart plug. When connected to your Amazon Alexa or Google Home, it'll turn your living space into a smart house. Plug a lamp or coffee maker into this outlet, and then use your voice to operate it. It has its own app, too, so you can set up scenes and schedules while operating your appliances from anywhere.

12. A durable stainless steel hair trap to prevent shower clogs

If you or anyone in your house has hair, you're probably familiar with a clogged shower drain. If that's the case, you can install this hair trap to help prevent it from happening again. Since it's covered in holes, it catches the hair without blocking the water flow. Simply pull the trap out and pull the hair off once in a while, and you'll never find yourself snaking the drain to get rid of clogs. It's also made with stainless steel that's durable enough to last.

13. A soothing light that's disguised as a notebook

This little notebook isn't a notebook at all. It's actually a soothing, compact light. Open it a little for a some shine. Open it even more for a bright light. It looks beautiful while it illuminates, and it's as easy to transport as a small notebook because it takes the form of a notebook. Plus, it's rechargeable. Throw it in your bag and pull out some ambiance whenever you need it, or set it on your bedside table and open it for just the right amount of warm light.

14. These blue-light blocking glasses for hours at the computer screen

If you work in front of a computer all day long, your eyes might feel a bit strained by the end of your shift. That might be because you're basking in the glow of blue light that's being thrown from your screen. Thankfully, you can filter out the blue light with these stylish glasses that have UV400 protection and glare reduction built in. They don't have any magnification, so you can wear them with contacts or alone.

15. A door rack with 12 vertical hooks for clothes, belts, and more

You could put a hook on the back of your door to hang your robe or hat somewhere you can always find it — or you could add 12 of them. This hook fits over any standard interior door, and it adds 12 vertical hooks for all kinds of clothing and accessories. How tidy would your bathroom be if it had 12 more hooks? How about your closet? You can use it to store belts or hats, or just give yourself more space for your towels to dry.

16. This lumbar brace that helps add support around your back

If you have back pain, you can use this lumbar support system to help protect yourself from further harm. You can wear it before lifting heavy objects, or you can use it while sitting in an office chair to help improve your posture. It's even adjustable, so you can dial in the perfect fit. It also comes in three sizes, and one person wrote, "Great, wide back support. I have a few others, but this one is the widest."

17. The organizer that keeps your hat collection in one place

Where do you keep that terrific hat collection of yours? Tossed all over the house? This cap hanger is a much better idea. It wraps onto any clothes hanger and instantly converts it into a tidy hat organization system that you can hang in the closet. You can see your entire collection without digging around in boxes. Your hats will stay clean and be easy find. Each hanger wrap hold ten caps. You get two of them with each purchase.

18. These curtains that help insulate your home

Most curtains aren't thick enough to keep light and heat out of your home — but not these ones. Not only do they block out up to 99% of outside light, but they're also insulating to help lower your electricity bill. Each order comes with two panels, with colors ranging from biscotti beige to sea teal.

19. The activated charcoal-infused insoles with air ventilation

These activated charcoal-infused insoles will help keep your feet cool, thanks to the ventilation holes throughout the surface. Put them inside your sneakers, and your feet will stay dry for months. These are even made with the brand's Odor-X Technology, which will help prevent unwanted odors while you wear them. You can even trim the foam to customize your fit.

20. This plug-in air purifier that doesn't require filter changes

Just plug this simple air purifier into one of your outlets and give it a little time. It'll help clear the air of pollen, unwanted odors, pollution, and more. It's quiet and draws only a small amount of energy — but it slowly releases negative ions that attach to particulates so they settle. In other words, it requires zero maintenance because you don't have to change any filters. You'll probably forget it's there.

21. These bags that absorb moisture from the air in your closet

Hang one of these moisture-absorbing bags in your closet and you'll be astonished by how much water they pull right out of the air. Removing that humidity can help reduce unwanted odors while preventing mold and mildew from growing. These bags require no power or maintenance, either. Just hang them and forget about them. They'll slowly reduce dampness in the air, using crystals to capture it.

22. The tray that lets you cook omelettes in the microwave

You don't need to get your stove dirty when you're in the mood for an omelette — just use this microwave omelette tray. It's BPA-free, and there's no extra butter or oil necessary to cook a meal. Simply mix your eggs, pour them into the tray, then pop them into the microwave for a few minutes. Each tray can hold up to three eggs.

23. This weighted blanket that feels like a hug

Climbing under a weighted blanket can help ease stress — and this 20-pound option is affordable under $55. Throw on your bed, crawl under it, and relax. The all-over pressure from the sewn-in glass beads can make you feel calm. It's available in different weights, sizes, and colors, so you can choose one that's best for you.

24. The organic wipes you can clean fresh produce with

When you grab an apple from a fruit stand or local grocery store and want to eat it in that very moment, what do you do? Forgo caution? Look for a sink? Instead, why don't you pull out one of these grab-n-go wipes? The cleanser within these clothes is odorless, organic, and alcohol-free. And although they're advertised for fruits and vegetables, you can also use them for anything — hands, surfaces, whatever — without worrying about chemicals.

25. This colander that's specifically made to wash rice

Many recipes ask you to wash your rice before you cook it, and this is the perfect colander for the task. Unlike other strainers, it lets the water out without letting the rice through. Of course, you can use it wash other things like beans, fruit, and vegetables. It comes in two colors: white and green.

26. A memory foam pillow with a cooling side

Sink your head into the soft but firm perfection of memory foam. This pillow from Sleep Innovations adjusts perfectly to hold your head at the right angle. Get under the covers and embrace the warm cushion on one side. But when you get too hot, just flip it over. The other side is lined with a cooling gel that chills your cheeks and helps you get back to sleep. Reviewers love this pillow, often returning to buy more of them for everyone in the family.

27. This portable fan that's also a space heater

This little fan will help you stay cool at your desk. But when winter — or the air conditioner — turns the environment frigid when you want to be warm and cozy, just switch settings and it'll convert to a heater. It's great for a bathroom, office, bedroom, or wherever else the temperature fluctuates. It's small and portable, and it even has a tip-over trip for added precautions.

28. The cooling bandana for those hot summer days

When you get hot in the summertime, just get this bandana wet and tie it around your head or neck. It uses an evaporative cooling technique to keep you chilly. The bandana itself is made with PVA material that holds onto water so it doesn't drip all over your shirt. And when it dries out, just wet it again and let it cool down. This is must-have for summer camping, working outdoors, or mowing the lawn.

29. A portable humidifier that doubles as a night light

When the air feels too dry, add this tiny humidifier to your decor. It's perfect for a personal space — like a home office or bedside table — and it doubles as a night light. It also puts out an impressive amount of humidity, thanks to the 500-milliliter water tank. This quiet device can run for up to 18 hours straight, and it'll shut off automatically when the tank runs low.

30. This multifunctional blade sharpener for your toolbox

If you're someone with an impressive collection of pocket tools, this tiny blade sharpener belongs in your kit. It'll take your tools from too dull to functional with a couple of swipes through the built-in sharpener slots. (There are two slots total: coarse and fine.) There's even a diamond-coated rod for anything that won't fit in the slots.

31. A kit that has everything you need to hang pictures

When you want to hang a picture on the wall, the biggest hassle isn't choosing the spot — it's tracking down all the necessary tools. This kit, though, has everything you need stashed and organized in one bright green place. There are various hooks of different strengths, wires, nails, eye hooks, and more. Plus, the case has a built-in level and pencil for marking and measuring.

32. These shears specifically made for cutting angles

If you're cutting trim or anything that requires angled cuts, you are going to love this pair of scissors. Simply line up your wood, plastic, laminate, or whatever you're cutting with the precise angle you need — and then use them like you would with standard scissors. They'll go right through your material at the perfect angle. It'll also speed up your project and tighten your allowances while saving you a lot of measuring, calculating, and trips to the miter saw.

33. The moisturizing socks with gel-infused linings

If your feet are rough and dry from work boots, go ahead and put these moisturizing socks on. They have lotion built into the fabric, so you really don't have to do anything else. They're also non-slip and stretch to fit your feet. Thanks to the inner lining, they'll provide a constant application of jojoba oil, grape seed oil, and olive oil to soften and cure your skin.

34. A long shaving razor that reaches where you can't

This extra-long razor is here to help you shave hard-to-reach places along your back so you don't have to ask for help. Unlike many other shaving accessories, it can be used wet or dry. It even has a retractable handle with a built-in grip for total comfort. One customer commented on the price and wrote, "What can I say, this works great and didn't break the budget."

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