39 genius things you'll be ticked off you didn't buy sooner

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by Christina X. Wood
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You know that moment when you realize there's a much easier way to do something you do frequently? (Like watering your houseplants without a self-watering planter or washing your pint glasses without an elongated scrubber?) Yeah, you'll never get that time back — but once you figure out the hacks, you won't have to do those things the old way anymore. To help you out, I've rounded up the most genius products on Amazon that you'll be ticked off you didn't buy sooner. They'll help you take the easy route while you're completing day-to-day activities.

For instance, if you've ever thought of the most brilliant idea ever while taking a shower — and then forget about it once you stepped out — you probably needed this waterproof notepad. And if you've thrown all of your laundry into one big pile and then ended up with rips and broken zippers post-wash, you might've benefited from these mesh wash bags. Oh, and if you've been guilty of sipping a soda and then leaving half the can to go stale, you could've used a can saver. You live and you learn, though.

Just because you didn't buy these products sooner doesn't mean you can't buy them now. Just think: How many of these things will make your daily chores easier, faster, and less frustrating? The answer is all of them.

1. These silicone brushes that clean and exfoliate your skin

These silicone brushes are so simple and inexpensive — but they're so much better than a facecloth or sponge (and so much cheaper than sonic or spinning brushes). They clean and massage your skin, gently and thoroughly. And they, themselves, are super easy to clean. One is designed for your face to help clear up blackheads, exfoliate, and stimulate tissue to increase circulation. The other is designed for your body, where it sloughs off rough patches and gives you a gentle massage. Just wear them on your hand and scrub.

2. A waterproof notepad to capture ideas in the shower

It's inevitable that your brilliant ideas come to you in the shower; this phenomenon has actually been proven by science. It's because the water releases idea-sparking dopamine. By the time you get out, dressed, and have a pen in hand, though, those ideas are usually gone. That's why this waterproof notepad and pencil have suction cups to stick them to the shower wall so you can write those thoughts down right where they happen.t

3. The essential oil diffuser & humidifier you control with your voice

When the dry air parches your throat and wakes you up, just say, "Alexa, turn on the diffuser." This smart diffuser will turn on the humidity and essential oil scent you like. You can also use your phone to set up schedules for scents, lighting, and humidity. It's not only smart — but it's also handsome and effective with a 700-milliliter tank, a wood grain finish, and a color-changing light. In fact, the light has seven colors, each with high or low settings.

4. This scrubber that suctions to your sink for cleaning glasses fast

Ever chatted with a bartender? They are always moving, keeping glasses clean while they listen to your tale of woe. Their secret to easy multitasking? A brush that's mounted inside the sink so washing a glass is one, simple, effective movement they don't even have to look at. This is the home version of that glass-washing brush. Suction it to the bottom of your sink and keep the glasses clean without ever dealing with a messy sponge or ineffective dishwasher.

5. These round ice molds for epic cocktails & whisky on the rocks

A great cocktail requires large pieces of ice that won't melt too fast — and this mold that makes 2.5-inch ice balls is the answer. Big enough to melt slowly, these cubes will chill your drinks without diluting them, which makes sipping whiskey a long-form project. Even lemonade and sodas stay colder for longer long, so you won't have to drink them in a hurry to avoid diluted flavors. These trays make four big ice balls each; fill them through the funnel top and stick in the freezer. Easy.

6. A water bottle pouch that holds your phone, keys, & wallet

This genius water bottle pouch totally eliminates the need for an extra bag while you're working out. It wraps around your bottle and stays in place with Velcro — and thanks to the built-in phone holder, card pocket, and carabiner clip, it keeps everything you need within reach.

7. The organization system for your overpacked suitcase

If you pack well enough, you'll can live out of a suitcase. And the secret to that sort of suitcase order is this set of packing cubes. Everything goes into a cube, and then all the cubes go into your bag. On the road, your socks will be in one cube and your shirts in another; no digging around is necessary. There are six cubes in one pack, each with a label. The set is designed to fit perfectly in a 24-inch suitcase.

8. This flameless lighter with a flexible gooseneck

Believe it or not, this lighter works without a flame. Instead, it uses plasma technology between two points at the top of the gooseneck, which lets you easily create a spark while lighting a candle. It's also rechargeable — so don't worry about batteries — and features an on-and-off button for extra security.

9. This toilet spray that leaves the bathroom smelling great

You know you have to go — and you also know that if you do that right now, the entire dinner party — family, roommates, workplace, whatever — will know you did. Don't worry, though; all you need is a spritz of Poo-Pourri in the bowl before you go. Then, what happens in the bowl will stay in the bowl — because the natural odor will be completely contained by an essential oil barrier that it cannot transgress.

10. These markers & crayons that cure furniture blemishes

Do you have scratches in the wooden floors, dings in the coffee table, or discoloration on your favorite wooden chair? It could be a big deal — but not if you have this wood repair kit. Wax crayons in the colors of wood fill in scratches while the markers — which labeled by wood types — paint right over the color marks. They're fast and simple to use, and there is no prep or cleanup required.

11. These gloves that make gardening fun & easy

When you are done pretending that you're the Wolverine, you can start gardening and digging through the dirt without a care. These gloves turn your hands into sharp, agile shovels that get under stubborn weed roots so you can yank them out. However, they're just as comfortable as they are effective. (Also, the cat will be impressed.)

12. This cedar comb that cures old-looking wool sweaters

It seems like the more expensive the sweater is, the easier it is to destroy. But like anything born of luxury, it requires special care — and this comb is that care. It removes the pilled wool that makes a sweater look old and tired, and it does it precisely and easily, rejuvenating woolens in just a few minutes. It's also made of cedar, so you can keep it in your drawer to make those sweaters smell great and keep moths away.

13. This iron-on tape that hems pants without sewing

All you need is an iron and this iron-on tape to fix pants that are too long or tackle whatever DIY project you have in mind that requires sewing. Just set this tape between the two pieces of fabric you want to adhere together, and then iron it on a high setting. It'll fuse to the fabric on both sides for a seamless adhesive. You can hem all your too-long pants in a few minutes without sewing them.

14. The tiny shaver that'll help shape your eyebrows

Can't get to the salon for your brow wax? This tiny shaver will get in there and clean up your brows in seconds (and without pain). It's compact, precise, and sleek — and it charges via USB so you don't even need a battery supply or outlet. It's also small enough to keep in a bag and do touch-ups anywhere within seconds.

15. A handheld washer that cleans with steam

Spraying chemicals around your house isn't the only way to clean. Steam is also a powerful tool, and this handheld steamer brings it directly to the messes you have. Dirty car? Filthy grout? Pet messes? Mold? Pick your attachment (there are seven to choose from), wait for it to heat up, aim, and steam. It'll dissolve everything from dried-on food spills to grease. After the steam melts it, just wipe off to reveal your fresh and clean surface.

16. This clever dispenser for plastic grocery bags

In my opinion, reusing the bags you get in the grocery store is the best way to ease your guilt over forgetting to bring your own bags. This wall-mounted container organizes that effort into a seamless system. Push all the bags in the top, and then pull a bag out of the front when you need one. It fits right into your kitchen decor and will take up no space since it mounts to the wall with the included screws or adhesive.

17. The brushes that attach to your power drill for a good cleaning

What would assembling furniture be like without your power drill? Maddening, right? Same goes for cleaning the bathroom, kitchen, car, and everything else. These brushes bring power-drill automation to your cleaning routine. Attach them to the drill just like you would a drill bit and they provide all the elbow grease. All you do is point and shoot. There are four brushes to get into all the corners or flat areas. There's even an extended reach brush so you don't have to bend over.

18. This handheld garlic press that simplifies meal prep

A good garlic press is must-have in any kitchen. It saves an enormous amount of labor and lets you add fresh garlic to sauces and dressings without hassle. This one from Good Grips has plenty of capacity so you can press several heads of garlic at once. It will even pulverize garlic still in the skin — without letting any skin through. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to squeeze — and when you're done, flip it around and let it clean itself.

19. These twist-off lids that snap onto your soda cans

It seemed like a good idea when you opened that soda — but then you didn't finish it and half of the can went flat. Next time, you can save it with this twist-off lid. It snaps onto the can and keeps it fresh and carbonated until the next time you need a cold one (soda, beer, seltzer, you name it). There are six in the package, and they are reusable.

20. The tool that slices and peels your fresh kiwis

This simple tool helps you peel and slice kiwis within seconds. Simply slice the kiwi in half, press this tool into the fruit, and then turn it. That fruit is peeled and sliced -- perfectly -- nearly instantly. Kiwi are good for you! They are loaded with antioxidants, fiber, vitamins C, K, and E, as well as folate, and potassium. Now you can eat them easily in beautiful arrangements.

21. These filters that catch pet fur in the wash

Throw these floating filters into the washing machine when you're trying to get the pet fur out of sheets, clothes, and blankets. They trap the fur to keep it from washing down the drain or clinging to your laundry. Just pull the mesh filters out at the end of the cycle and pull the fur out of them. It'll cut down on repeat washings and help protect your drains from clogs.

22. This plush sleeping eye mask that doubles as headphones

When you need a nap but can't control your environment enough to get there, this pair of sleep headphones is the secret. Cover your eyes with the mask and dial-up some relaxing tunes, white noise, or a good book to play through the headphones. Whatever's happening in the world around you will recede to let you rest in dim lighting.

23. This wireless vertical mouse that's only $25

In my opinion, the mouse is often a weak spot in ergonomic computer setups. Mice require that you to make small, frequent, repetitive movements — all of which can be tiring. Thankfully, this vertical mouse puts your hand in a neutral position when you use it, which helps reduce strain over time. Plus, you can use it with either hand, which means you can switch mousing hands to divide the workload. This one also has scroll, back, and forward buttons, along with adjustable sensitivity. Even better? It's only $25.

24. The rechargeable light that goes from bedside to camping

The bathroom needs a soft light that won't wake you up. The bedside table needs a reading light. The baby needs a night light. The tent needs a lantern. This little light will go from one use to any of the others with a single tap. Tap to change the color of the light, to bring the white light level up, or to turn it on or off. It plugs into a USB port and has a rechargeable battery so you can even carry it around as a subtle flashlight.

25. This tiny diffuser that lets you take your essential oils anywhere

If your favorite essential oil treatment has become a necessary part of your daily routine, you don't have to leave it at home. This tiny diffuser is small enough to toss in a purse so you can have your lavender mood boost on the plane or turn your car's interior into a lemony oasis. It doesn't require water, either; a few drops of essential oil are all it wants. Plug it in to USB to run it or recharge the internal battery the same way. It's a little more than 2 square inches, so it'll fit in whatever bag you carry.

26. These reusable press-close freezer bags made with silicone

Plastic bags for single-use food storage are wasteful, bad for the environment, and pretty expensive. Buying these silicone bags makes giving up plastic a lot easier. These are just like plastic bags, except they're more durable and easier to wash. They have press-close tops and are transparent — but they're also leakproof. You can use them to pack lunch or keep your leftovers in the freezer. Then, you can reuse them over and over again.

27. This French press for fancier cups of coffee in the morning

This is a beautifully engineered French press coffee maker is rendered in simple, affordable materials — but it still makes a delicious brew. It's super easy to use; simply scoop in the ground beans you love, add hot water, wait five minutes, and press the plunger. Cleanup is also very easy, and it's small enough to make a great travel rig. Again, you can't beat the price.

28. A water flosser so you can be post-dentist clean every day

In my opinion, flossing is a bit of a drag. This water flosser though? It's effective, fast, and sort of fun. It gets your smile been-to-the-dentist spiffy, deep-cleans between your teeth, and even stimulates your gums. It's also compact and stands solo on the bathroom vanity, unlike past generations or larger flossing sets. It has three water modes and four tips, and is small enough to pack up and take on the road.

29. This solar-powered battery that charges in the sun

If you are heading into the wilderness, be sure and pack this solar-powered Qi charger. You don't want to be fumbling with charging cables — or conserving phone battery — while off-the-grid hiking. Just set this somewhere it can catch sun rays during the day and put your phone down on it at night. If you hear something outside your tent, take it out because it's also a flashlight when charged. You can also charge it through the USB port so it's handy at home, too. It even comes with convenient compass.

30. These silicone travel cups that collapse for easy storage

These collapsible silicone cups fold down so small that you can have one with you at all times. That way, you'll be able to use it instead of a disposable cup — and it'll be easy to fold down and store when you're done sipping (or until you need it again). They each wash easily, too, because you can put them in the dishwasher. One pack comes with four cups.

31. This mini filter so you can drink the water that's available

Need water? This mini filter goes right into your chosen water source and helps remove over 99.9% of bacteria (salmonella, cholera, and E. coli), along with over 99.9% of protozoa and all microplastics. You can use it like a straw; simply attach it to the included water bag or your own water bottle and drink up. It'll filter the water on the way to your mouth.

32. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker you can take into the shower

It's inevitable. Whenever I get into the shower, the phone rings. But with this Bluetooth speaker hanging in tub, that no longer bothers me. I can answer the phone, listen to music, or keep listening to the book I took on my run while showering. And when I need a speaker to take to the beach or pool, I'll know where it is. It connects quickly and has a 10-hour battery life. Plus, the easy-to-read controls are right where you can see them — even through the steam.

33. These silicone gloves with built-in bristles for washing the dishes

It's amazing that no one has thought of this before. Instead of putting gloves on and holding a sponge to do dishes — a method that reduces dexterity — these gloves are the sponge, which means you have excellent control. Lather them up and rub the dishes all over. The silicone bristles get dishes really clean while protecting your hands from the heat, water, and soap. When you take them off, your hands will be dry and the dishes will be clean.

34. These acupuncture sandals with built-in massage knobs

It's a testament to acupressure that so many people are willingly wearing these shoes that are covered with protruding, spring-loaded knobs. They help cure ailments all over your body by hitting certain pressure points, and there's even a map on the shoes that explain what body part each point is connected to.

35. This supportive travel pillow that folds up & packs easy

How many travel pillows have you bought and left at home? This one is different. Instead of using a bulky filling (like beads or air) to support your head, it uses a rigid frame. The trick is to install it snugly around your neck so that when you fall asleep, your head doesn't drop. You'll look like you are resting your eyes in a scarf — even when you're deeply asleep.

36. A shower curtain with pockets for your toiletries

Storing your shampoo bottles, soap containers, scrubbers, and more has never been easier — all thanks to this 70-by-72-inch shower curtain. It's made of vinyl and features various built-in pockets where you can keep your toiletries within reach while you're showering. What's cool is that you can keep this inside or outside the tub; it's up to you.

37. This condiment holder for tidy in-car dining

The dining room table was invented for a reason; it gives you a place to put your plate and condiments. This dip holder takes your car into dining-room table territory by putting the condiments up and in front of you where you can easily reach them — from the passenger or driver seat. It's a cleverly engineered clip that grabs your air vents and holds whatever tiny condiment container the restaurant gives you.

38. These mesh bags that keep your delicates safe in the wash

It's easy to ruin delicate clothing in the washer and dryer. But handwashing a sizable percentage of your wardrobe is incredibly time-consuming. These mesh laundry bags let you run delicate items through the washer. They protect them from tangling, snagging, and color contamination while they are in there. And it's a huge set that ranges in size from a tiny tube up to pillow-case sized sack, letting you machine wash everything from delicate underthings to sweaters.

39. This self-watering pot that grows the perfect houseplants

All it takes is one busy week or a short vacation to destroy years of tender, loving houseplant care. Before you trust your botanical babies with a sitter who can't tell the difference between a thriving tillandsia and desperate dendrobium, automate your watering system with these beautiful, lightweight self-watering pots. They have an interior container that holds the plant above the water and a window so you can see when it's dry in there (and so the roots have enough air circulation). Even when you're home, these make plant care easier.

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