Mind and Body

These tweaks to your morning routine could be a total game changer for your sense of wellbeing

Three simple habits to help you maximize your daily potential.

by Erin Kelly

Some of the world’s most successful individuals credit the bulk of their achievements to their drastic early morning routines. Over the years, we’ve heard big brags from notable entrepreneurs and business moguls about their impressive — and sometimes, downright unsettling — wake-up times. (Think: a certain tech CEO waking up at 3:45 a.m. each day).

If you’re reading this and shaking your head because you like waiting until the sun rises to get out of bed, that’s OK (and also very, very normal). We’re going to let you in on a secret: It’s not the time on the clock when you wake up that matters, but how you focus on your wellbeing within the next few hours — before your busy schedule kicks off — that really counts. Research even shows that consistent routines can benefit your mental health and improve your cognitive functioning, which is another great reason to prioritize your wellness, especially in those early morning hours.

To help you level up your daily productivity, Inverse partnered with Ricola to source three simple yet effective morning habits that’ll set you up for serenity all day long.

3. Make Your Bed

It may sound lame, but making your bed immediately after waking up can actually help you have a more high-yield day. Completing a single, simple task like this right off the bat sets the tone for the rest of the day, and leaves your brain with a feeling that you achieved something. And the best news is that good feeling can last: Surveys show that over 70 percent of bed-makers report feeling accomplished at the end of the day.

As a more practical bonus, making your bed instantly zaps any chance of you hitting snooze post-shower and going back to sleep — plus it ensures a cleaner and more orderly environment. Studies show that cluttered and ‘unfinished’ spaces can weigh on your mental health, while a clean and tidy room can actually help you sleep better, which bodes well when it comes to fitting in a little ‘me time’ at the end of the day.

2. Take A Daily Herbal Drop

Think eating a healthy breakfast and hitting the gym are enough to keep you at the top of your game? Think again! While sure, those are both great habits that benefit your mental and physical wellness, there’s likely more you could be doing within your morning routine to kickstart your wellbeing. If soothing herb drops aren’t already in your repertoire, you could very well be missing out on an important part of your self-care routine.

Whether you’re in the midst of a busy work week, or just starting to feel the effects of nonstop socializing, herb drops can help soothe your irritated throat and remedy a hoarse voice.

If you don’t know where to start, consider this favorite: Ricola’s Berry Medley drops. Full of herbal goodness and an essential part of on-the-go voice care, they combine juicy fruit flavors with Ricola’s signature Alpine herb, so you can leverage the power of nature no matter where your day takes you.

1. Complete Your Hardest Task First

Waking up is no cakewalk, so you’re probably wondering why this last list-item is to seek out the toughest task on your to-do list and do it first. But you may have forgotten that you’ve already completed a super simple task in the art of making your bed — so now, you can set your sights on something greater.

In all seriousness, starting your day with your biggest task can help accomplish three things: First, the ominous cloud hanging over your head in the shape of that task will — poof — go away, allowing you to improve your wellbeing right from the start. Second, you’ll give yourself more time to dedicate to this task rather than trying to squeeze it in at the end of the day. And third, you’ll be able to move forward feeling accomplished and productive, a sentiment that you can use to fuel an even more meaningful existence, today and every day going forward.