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Hitting the mental reset button during Covid-19

In this episode, we discuss building character and taking care of our mental health during the pandemic.

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In a world driven by social media, likes can matter more than facts and the truth can then become distorted. Suddenly, it can begin to feel as though society has lost its moral center — what experts call a “character crisis.”

As the world continues to face a profound lack of faith in its leadership, experts say it is possible to rebuild a sense of trust. But it won’t be easy.

Strategic reflection can help us build the character needed to create trust. And as more people take the first steps toward self-improvement in the wake of Covid-19, the pandemic may prove to be the perfect time to hit the reset button.

In this episode of The Abstract, we discuss building character and taking care of our mental health during the pandemic.

Our first story explores how character is an essential ingredient for success. As the world experiences a profound lack of trust in its leaders, experts say we can survive the current “character crisis” by strengthening our own positive values and then putting them into action.

Our second story is about how more people are going to therapy during Covid-19, a process that can help people hammer out their core values. With newly adopted telehealth sessions making things even easier, many are making their first therapy appointments ever during the pandemic — which therapists say will help people survive the pandemic stronger than they were before.

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