The 10 Best Fidget Toys

Give your fidgety hands something fun to do.

by Vanessa Spilios
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If you’re feeling bored or distracted, the solution could be as easy as giving your hands something to do. Enter fidget spinners, which, amazingly, even NASA astronauts have used in space. The best fidget toys offer sensory stimulation through tactile feedback or physical challenges, and many are quiet enough to use at work or in other public spaces. Even better, they’re small enough to fit in your pocket (or in a bag), so you can take them anywhere.

The Expert

Sheldon Zablow, M.D., is a board-certified psychiatrist based in San Diego. He completed a pediatric internship at Emory University Medical School and eventually began a practice in adult, child, and forensic psychiatry in San Diego. As an Assistant Professor at the University of California San Diego Medical School, Dr. Zablow has supervised Fellows in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry for 30 years.

What To Consider When Shopping For The Best Fidget Toys

While there are currently no studies to support that fidget toys help with anxiety or improving focus, some people may still find them a soothing and stimulating tool to keep on hand. “The important component is not so much the toy itself but the use of the fingers, your digits, to manipulate the object,” says board-certified psychiatrist Sheldon Zablow, M.D. He adds that “using the non-dominant hand is best so the dominant hand can be free to draw, write or take that test.” And while there are many cool fidget toys that offer mindless physical activity that can help you focus while you’re doing another unrelated task, there are also options for when you need to take a brief break from said task. These toys require you to concentrate on small mental, strategic, or physical challenges, which users may find relaxing.

While many stress relief toys are designed to be quiet, some make popping, clicking, or whirring noises, so choose accordingly if you want one to use in a public space. With all that, check out the 10 best fidget toys below.

Shop The Best Fidget Toys

In a hurry? These are the best fidget toys on Amazon:

  1. The squeezable bean pods that fit on a keychain: Anpole Peapod Fidget Toy
  2. The infinity cube that flips and folds: Small Fish Infinity Cube Fidget Toy
  3. The small toy that spins for up to 4 minutes: MAYBO SPORTS Wiitin Fidget Spinner
  4. The pen that’s made of stackable magnets: asuku Magnetic Sculpture Building Pen
  5. The magnetic box that transforms into 70+ shapes: SHASHIBO Shape-Shifting Box
  6. The popping boards that mimic bubble wrap: iBaste Push Bubble Sensory Toys
  7. The wearable spinner that looks like a ring: ALEXTINA Spinner Ring
  8. The magnetic rings that keep hands busy: Finger Rock Magnetic Rings Fidget Toy
  9. The 12-sided fidget cube for sensory stimulation: DoDoMagxanadu Fidget Dodecagon
  10. The silent fidget spinner that lights up: FIGROL Crystal LED Light Fidget Spinner

1. The squeezable bean pods that fit on a keychain

Some people find squeezing to be a great tension release, and it can be a great way to keep fingers distracted, too. Available as a set of five, these pea pod fidget toys each hide three peas that pop out when squeezed. Each pea is attached to the inside of the pod, so it won’t get lost, and built-in loops and chain fobs make it easy to hook the compact toys to a keychain or backpack. Plus, reviewers noted that they’re very quiet, so they shouldn’t distract anyone else.

Helpful review: “nice little quiet fidget. Some are harder to squeeze than others.”

Available colors: 1 | Available sizes: 1

2. The infinity cube that flips and folds

This pocket-sized cube from Small Fish is made up of eight squares that are connected with hinges, allowing them to be configured into a multitude of shapes. It measures just 1.5 by 1.5 inches, so it fits easily in one hand, where it can be flattened, flipped, or folded. The low-profile design and quiet operation won’t attract too much attention, and the smooth surface and curved edges make it comfortable and discreet to use.

Helpful review: “Ever sit through meetings that are too long, repetitive, or just boring? This little cube helps me stay somewhat focused while not wanting to pull my hair out. Probably wouldn’t be great if too many people are around because it does click, but it’s perfect while I’m working from home.”

Available colors: 11

3. The small toy that spins for up to 4 minutes

This small fidget toy can fit in the palm of your hand or even on the tip of your finger, and it spins quietly when the wings are flicked. Self-lubricating bearings on the interior of the spinner improve with time, and with continued use it will spin for up to four minutes. The exact size isn’t mentioned, but it’s compact enough to fit in a pocket and comes with a protective carrying case.

It does make some noise while in use, but reviewers reported that it’s generally not too loud. Due to the somewhat delicate nature of this spinner, it shouldn’t be dropped and is best suited for adults only.

Helpful review: “I tend to fidget with other items at my desk at work, so i thought this would be a nice purchase. it is a great spinner! i love how the multiple colors show up especially when you spin it under a direct light source.”

Available colors: 2

4. The pen that’s made of stackable magnets

If you want to give your hands something fun to do when working or studying, this magnetic fidget toy does double-duty as a ballpoint pen. The pen breaks down into 13 magnetic tubes and spheres, so you can build structures or models. Accessories include a touch-screen tip that lets you use the pen as a stylus, and a clip that makes for easy storage in a pocket. The pen is available in silver, black, and gold, but reviews don’t state whether this pick is quiet or loud.

Helpful review: “When I first felt it with my hands, it was so smooth and comfortable. It looks very strong and durable, And I tell you, it really relieves stress.”

Available colors: 7

5. The magnetic box that transforms into 70+ shapes

If variety is essential for you to stay engaged, this multi-sided magnetic fidget toy puzzle is a great choice. The 2.3-inch multi-piece box is connected with 36 rare earth magnets that allow it to be configured in up to 70 3-D shapes for endless fidgeting and play, and reviewers were pleased with how quiet it is. The puzzle is small enough to fit in one hand, and it has a smooth finish that’s comfortable to hold, whether you’re an adult or kid. You can choose from 10 different patterns, and multiple puzzles can be connected together to create large-scale 3-D designs.

Helpful review: “I love having fidget toys because they help me think while I'm working on a problem for work [...] I'm looking forward to buying more to make more shapes, and I would definitely recommend it for people/kids who want a unique (fidget) toy that isn't traditional. While making different shapes, it reminds me a lot of origami, and that is a super cool concept.”

Available colors: 15

6. The popping boards that mimic bubble wrap

These flexible silicone boards have several rows of reversible bubbles that can be pressed and popped for a sensory experience that’s similar to popping bubble wrap. The two-pack includes one round board and one octagonal board, both of which make a soft popping sound when pressed. The material is washable, so it can be sanitized if you bring your boards on the go. Besides these two 5-by-5-inch rainbow-colored shapes, you can also opt for other versions, including solid colors and various shapes.

Helpful review: “Dual purpose, it's a great stress reliever at work and also a perfect game for my kids at home. I'm certainly buying more!”

Available colors: 1

7. The wearable spinner that looks like a ring

This sleek spinning ring slips over your finger, so you’ll always have something to play with when the urge to fidget strikes. The two-piece design features a flat base surrounded by a rotating outer ring that can be flicked or turned quietly. In addition to the smooth spinning movement, the outer ring has a sandblasted finish for textural interest. And, while most reviewers found it to be pretty quiet, several mentioned that it might be noticeable in silent settings. It comes in nine sizes and 10 colors, so you can customize it to fit on a specific finger and match your personal style.

Helpful review: “This ring is awesome, fits perfectly even for small fingers like mine! The spinning lasts for a while and it’s very satisfying. But beware the spinning of the ring does make a noise so you can’t spin it in quiet rooms.”

Available colors: 16 | Available sizes: 4–12

8. The magnetic rings that keep hands busy

Whether you choose to slip one or all three of these magnetic spinning rings onto your fingers, the connecting magnets ensure you can fidget without worrying about them falling off or rolling away. Designed to fit on the ends of your fingers, the rings can be twirled, shifted, flipped, and spun while you work, watch TV, or find yourself in any other situation where you need to occupy your hands. The rings are available in multiple designs and can be connected to additional rings to create tabletop games like hockey and billiards. Reviewers noted that these do make some noise, though, so they might be best to use when you’re on your own.

Helpful review: “I go through fidget devices like crazy because I lose them or misplace them. These are magnetic so when I get home they stick on the fridge until I go out for the day. Worth the money and nice to fidget with”

Available colors: 5

9. The 12-sided fidget cube for sensory stimulation

This 12-sided sensory fidget toy offers a wide variety of textures and points of interest for fingers to stay busy and engaged. Switches, clicking rollers, and gears provide audible feedback (so there is a noise factor), while different textured surfaces provide a multifaceted sensory experience. The cube is a bit bigger than a golf ball, so it’s easy to carry with you, and it’s constructed from ABS material that’s soft to the touch.

Helpful review: “I've bought fidget spinners, several different types of fidget rings and other fidget toys, and none of them kept my hands occupied. THIS ONE DOES! It has so many different textures and features that it really is like a toy. I try and take this with me in the car and even my husband has noticed how much it helps me (my finger-picking habit drives him crazy). I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who needs to keep their fingers or hands occupied.”

Available colors: 7

10. The silent fidget spinner that lights up

This cool fidget toy not only spins but also has the unique ability to light up, making it extra fun and engaging, even in the dark. A lithium coin battery (which is included) can be installed on the underside of the 3-by-3-inch spinner, and a button below each of the three points lets you control the LED light colors and modes. This toy is small enough to spin on one finger or between your forefinger and thumb, and it automatically shuts off after one minute of non-use to conserve the battery. The best part? Reviewers have attested that it’s totally silent. Choose from six colors.

Helpful review: “Spins for a good long time, nicely weighted, and COOL light options. (if you have a cat they will be mesmerized) I love this spinner. Fun to spin even with the lights off. There was a small uncomfy plastic bur in one of the finger spaces, but that was easily removed.”

Available colors: 6

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