This Video of Astronauts Playing With a Fidget Spinner in Space Is Unreal

One giant spin for mankind.

Have you ever wondered how a fidget spinner would work in space? Probably not, but apparently somebody aboard the ISS did. NASA released a video on October 13 of astronauts Mark Vande Hei, Randy Bresnik, Joseph Acaba, and Paolo Nespoli boldly taking the fidget spinner where it’s never gone before. Because, why not?

The result is definitely what the internet needs right now. The video shows the astronauts goofing off in microgravity with 2017’s most contentious toy, at times spinning in circles around the fidget spinner itself. It’s very cute, and almost makes the plastic contraption that you’ve seen adults fiddling with at the bar seem endearing again. Almost.

“Presenting: the only GOOD fidget spinner video,” commented Youtube user Evil Boobookin.

“In 4 million years, when all humans have died out, aliens came looking for trace of intelligent life on this planet. They found the sacred fidget spinner, still spinning in full force. This is all they know of us,” said Your biggest fan.

“If people start dabbing on the moon or iss then I’m officially just done,” said Majimoo.

How the fidget spinner — complete with the NASA logo — made its way onto the ISS is still a mystery. Presumably, it was included in the 485 pounds of “crew supplies” that were launched to the ISS back in August. But maybe, hopefully, it was bundled with the 2,019 pounds of “science investigations.”

Watch the video below.

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