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Tesla's roadmap to the future of driving

In this episode, we discuss what the future holds for electric cars and autonomous driving technology.

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Tesla Model Y.

It’s a high-stakes race to the future of driving — where your car drives you — and humans are “permanent backseat drivers” on a road full of electric, driverless taxis.

While it still sounds like a futuristic fantasy to some, in Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s world, fantasy becomes reality and the future is now.

With a master plan aimed at commercializing electric vehicles and spearheading autonomous car tech, the car maker known for bold claims and aggressive timetables is setting out to revolutionize the transportation industry.

And while the market remains small, Tesla’s ambitions continue to fly though the (solar) roof. As Elon Musk hands over the keys to Tesla’s future, one question remains: Are we there yet?

In this episode of The Abstract, we discuss what the future holds for electric cars and autonomous driving technology.

Our first story examines Tesla’s “master plan” — an ambitious document published in the summer of 2016 aimed at setting the company's course for the coming years. Four years in, and nearly halfway through the original document's lifespan, Tesla's lofty goals called for big strides in sustainable energy and autonomous driving, as well as broader mass market reach with electric vehicles. While the future remains unclear, can Tesla’s unwavering optimism continue to lead the way?

Our second story is about Tesla’s crossover all-electric vehicle, the Model Y. It has the functionality of an SUV but rides like a sports car, and Elon Musk expects it to be the safest SUV in the world by far. With a winning combination of performance, price, and technology, could the Model Y finally drive Tesla into the mainstream market?

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