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The 20 most “WTF” science stories of 2021

Plus: Inverse Scene Stealers returns for 2021!

The editors of Inverse introduce some exciting year-end countdowns and a big interview. Plus, we have just the right mental health column for this hectic time of the year. I’m Nick Lucchesi, editor-in-chief for Inverse, and this is Inverse Daily. Avail yourself with a five-minute distraction that will make you a little brighter by accident.

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Blink-182 member Tom Delonge in a music video for the band’s song, “First Date.” This GIF has become a global symbol for the sentiment, “WTF”?

2001 Geffen Records

WTF Countdown: Wildfires almost destroyed our best chance of finding aliens

Again this year, Inverse reviews some of the strangest scientific discoveries we reported on in 2021 for the December countdown. For each story, we looked at its impact, unique qualities, the potential for good, and the intangible quality that makes any reader wonder, after reading it, “WTF?”

Today’s story on the countdown is all about how wildfires nearly ruined one of our best chances to find aliens. Nick Lucchesi, editor-in-chief

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Hector Roqueta Rivero/Moment/Getty Images

Why you feel older than your age

While your feelings might seem a less reliable measure than the number of birthday candles on your cake, subjective age is an important predictor of later-life health outcomes. Studies suggest people who feel younger than their age tend to have healthier brains, a greater sense of well-being, and live longer. Sarah Sloat, contributor writer, and Sunday Scaries columnist

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Geoff Keighley

The Game Awards

The Geoff Keighley interview

What if the Oscars and Comic-Con were the same event? That's the premise behind The Game Awards, which honor the year's achievements in interactive entertainment amid a litany of jaw-dropping announcements. Inverse spoke with founder and producer Geoff Keighley about what to expect from this year's show, which airs on December 9. Jen Glennon, senior gaming editor

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Also new in gaming:

@christhebarker for Inverse

Inverse Scene Stealers

Every year, Inverse tips its hat to the characters who make binge TV so much fun. It's not always the protagonists who steal the show, but rather the supporting or guest characters who make our favorite shows so worthwhile. This year, Inverse will publish 30 essays that sing the praises of the year’s best TV characters who made us laugh, cry, cheer, jeer, and everything in between. We’re counting down the 30 best streaming TV characters of 2021Eric Francisco, editor for Scene Stealers ‘21

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See number 30:

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