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The 10 best subreddits for electric cars and EV fanatics

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If you watched the Super Bowl this year, you probably learned two things: Dr. Dre still has love for the streets, and electric vehicles are the future. With the notable absence of Tesla, the big game’s highly coveted commercials were dominated by EVs ads for anyone from upstart brands like Polestar to industry titans like General Motors and BMW.

But with electric car hype in full effect, it can be tough to tell what’s worth paying attention to and who’s just blowing electrically-heated hot air. Like with most fiercely debated topics, one of the best places to learn more is Reddit, where you can find a wide variety of communities (or subreddits) devoted to the many facets of EV technology.

To help you get started, here are the 10 best subreddits for electric cars and other vehicles, from Telsa to e-scooters.

An EV charging station in Hanover, Germany.

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10. r/Electricvehicles


TL;DR: A subreddit for electric vehicle updates and discussion

This community is an active hub for everything to do with electric vehicles, run by enthusiasts who love the idea of a more sustainable world. The group shares articles, images, and even press releases about new technology, and welcomes questions about anything to do with EVs. There’s a weekly discussion thread to chat about the latest, as well as reviews of various cars people have acquired through purchase or rental, and announcements about policy and employment opportunities in the electric vehicle space. r/Electricvehicles is a great sub to join if you want a single community to meet all of your EV needs.

9. r/TeslaPorn

Model Y production at Tesla's Gigafactory in southeast Berlin.



TL;DR: A subreddit for pictures of Teslas

Tesla is the best-known name when it comes to electric vehicles, and the company has a cult following thanks in part to its flashy CEO, Elon Musk. This subreddit is for dedicated fans and Tesla owners who love the vehicles for their design and looks — or just want to show off their own vehicles. If you just like looking at Tesla cars (rather than learning about them or keeping up to speed with the technology that powers them) you’ll find plenty of pictures here, including shots of Tesla’s latest releases and pictures snapped by proud Tesla drivers who have modified their cars.

8. r/Electriccars


TL;DR: A subreddit for new owners with plenty of questions

Electric vehicles aren’t widely owned just yet, so it can sometimes be an isolating experience to drive one, especially if you’re having issues with your car. Luckily, this subreddit is a community run and frequented by owners of EVs to serve as a hub of information. The sub gets the occasional video or article post, but first and foremost, it’s a space to ask questions about things like torque load and battery life — or to browse the occasional guide on how to transition to EV ownership.

7. r/allthingsebikes

An electric bike from Lime-E.

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TL;DR: A subreddit for electric vehicle enthusiasts on a budget

Not everyone can afford to transition to an electric car, and as the infrastructure to support charging is still growing, purchasing an EV is impractical for many people. Electric Bikes, however, can be another way to engage in the electric vehicle community – and this subreddit is a great place to learn about them. You’ll find pictures of ebikes interspersed with questions from prospective owners, guidance on laws around ebikes in different states, and tips on how to recover from a crash. If you don’t have the budget to get a Tesla, this subreddit could help you find a more affordable entry point.

6. r/teslaInvestorsclub


TL;DR: A subreddit for keeping up with the electric vehicle market

Although this group was set up as a way for $TSLA stock owners to discuss all things related to the company, it’s evolved into much more than that. This community regularly shares electric vehicle sales information, facts, and data, about Tesla competitors in the electric vehicle market, as well as research and stories that will impact the EV market, and updates on important people within the industry. It’s a great place for learning about a broad scope of factors that will impact the entire market, and a useful resource if you’re considering investing in the industry.

5. r/superchargers

A Tesla charging station in Maryland.

Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc./Getty Images


TL;DR: A subreddit dedicated to Tesla’s supercharger network

Electric Vehicles like Teslas are made possible by the charging networks that support them, and this subreddit was set up to celebrate this often-overlooked side of EV technology. Although the community isn’t overly active, it’s a great place to browse through if you’re wondering where to find charging points on a long-haul road trip, or if you have questions about how to successfully, and efficiently, charge an electric vehicle. Probably not a good option for non-owners of EVs, but incredibly useful if you want to safely travel without worrying about battery life.

4. r/Rivian

Rivian’s R1T electric pickup truck has a built-in kitchen.

Spencer Platt/Getty Images/Getty Images


TL;DR: A subreddit for people who want more than Tesla

Much of the buzz around electric vehicles is related to Tesla, and when it comes to the Reddit scene, it can be hard to find spaces that celebrate other EVs. r/Rivian is the biggest community dedicated to a non-Tesla brand, which focuses on Rivian Automotive’s vans and trucks. Users post pictures of Rivians in the wild and updates related to the company, and videos, as well as their own experience with Rivian EVs. It’s a great community to peak into if you’re considering buying an EV, but want to look past the Tesla hype.

3. r/teslamotors

SUBSCRIBERS: 1.7 million

TL;DR: A subreddit dedicated to all things Tesla

r/TeslaMotors is the OG subreddit for all things Electric Vehicle on Reddit and is the most active and widely used community dedicated to discussing all things Tesla. It includes updates on new Tesla products like batteries, information about software and hardware updates for Tesla models, video leaks of new cars from Tesla factories, and even updates about autopilot functions. The subreddit is sorted by flair, which makes posts easy to navigate, although it should be noted that users in this community are Tesla mad, and you won’t find updates on other EV companies or developments here.

2. r/cybertruck

Tesla unveils the Cybertruck.



TL;DR: A subreddit all about Tesla’s Cybertruck The Cybertruck is supposed to be Tesla’s next great advent: a car with all the benefits of a truck, and the performance of a sports car. While this prospect might seem terrifying for some, there are plenty of engineers, car fans, and technology enthusiasts who are fascinated by the concept. Many of them gather in this subreddit, to share updates on the Cybertruck’s development, sneak peek photos of the vehicle, and have lengthy discussions on the future of this car. There are also plenty of links to videos and articles on the Cybertruck, as well as the occasional meme and joke mixed in for good measure.

1. r/RealTesla


TL;DR: A subreddit that takes a more critical look at Tesla vehicles

Reddit is well known for its hero-worshiping of Elon Musk, and as such, it can sometimes be difficult to find unbiased information or discussions about Tesla on the platform. This community was designed as a solution to that problem, by welcoming constructive criticism of Tesla and other related technology and companies. Here, you’ll find the latest on electric vehicle releases from all of the major car brands, like Mercedes-Benz and Lotus, as well as a critical weekly thread dedicated to Tesla’s current issues. If you like your Tesla updates with a dose of realism, you should stick to this subreddit.

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