God of War Week

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Inverse Recommends

Valhalla is Hades with a God of War Skin, and It's Great

ByLisa Marie Segarra

This is Valhalla!

Game Guides

7 Essential Tips To Master God of War Ragnarök: Valhalla

ByWilla Rowe

Kratos’s latest challenge.

Game Awards 2023

Game Awards 2023: God of War Ragnarök Announces Free DLC Coming Next Week

ByWilla Rowe

Move over Hades, we have a new godlike roguelite.


Everything We Know About a 'God of War: Ragnarok' PC Release

ByMo Mozuch

Father-son bonding.

Game Recs

Games Like Final Fantasy 16: 8 Ways to Fill the Void After Finishing FF16

ByWilla Rowe

Keep the good times rolling.


8 Games We Will (and Won't) See at the PlayStation Showcase

ByJen Glennon

Hot Geoff Summer is off to an early start.

Game Recs

PS Plus Collection Ends in a Few Days, So Claim God of War for Keeps ASAP

ByJess Reyes

Just one adventure from the “dad game” era.


With 'God of War,' Sony Changed Blockbuster Video Games Forever

ByWilla Rowe



'God of War Ragnarök’s Black and White Mode Makes No Sense

ByWilla Rowe

It feels like a real, like, you know, “go to the theater” film movie.


God of War Ragnarök Voice Actor Teases a Sequel

ByWilla Rowe

Loose lips.

Game Theory

God of War Ragnarok ending theory explains Atreus' most important decision

ByWilla Rowe

There is always a choice.


God of War Amazon show could use a fascinating plotline Ragnarok ignored

ByWilla Rowe

Kratos is a man with a dark past.

Huge Chonkers

11 biggest video games of 2022 (by file size)

ByCorey Plante

Yes, we mean that literally.

Game Adaptation

There is only one person who can play Kratos in Amazon’s God of War series

ByWilla Rowe

I’ll be the judge of this.

The Inverse Awards 2022

The 10 best PlayStation games of 2022

ByRobin Bea

First-party titles headlined a fantastic year for PlayStation.

TGA 2022

Game Awards 2022 complete list of winners, including Game of the Year

ByJess Reyes

The best of the best.