Tesla’s biggest range competitor is about to release two more EVs

Lucid Motors, the company that dethroned Tesla's range superiority, is planning on revealing two more models of its Air Sedan later this month.

Lucid Motors' entire Air sedan EV lineup
Lucid Motors

Lucid Motors will soon complete its lineup of Air sedans with two final models to debut later this month. The California-based automaker will reveal two trims, the Lucid Air Pure and the Lucid Air Touring, during an online launch event planned for November 15.

The Lucid Air first made waves when it was announced as being the longest-range and fastest-charging electric car to hit the market. That remains true as no other car on the market has been able to dethrone the Air Dream Edition’s 520-mile range and its 22-minute charge time to get 300 miles.

Now we’re getting two more models of Lucid’s Air sedan that are expected to have more modest range estimates, but also a more affordable price.

Two more models — The Lucid Air Pure will take the spot as the most affordable offering, starting at $87,400. The car is expected to have around a 406-mile range and 480 horsepower, and initial versions of the sedan will be built with a dual-motor all-wheel drive configuration. All trims will have a metal roof and Lucid’s Mojave PurLux interior.

For those looking for something more expensive — but not as expensive as the Air Dream Edition’s $169,000 starting price — the Lucid Air Touring has a starting price of $107,400. For the money, you’ll get more features like the Glass Canopy that stretches from the base of the windshield to the top of the front passengers for an unobstructed view in front. The Lucid Air Touring has a similar projected range of 406 miles, but could offer up to 620 horsepower.

Full specs incoming — Lucid said it will share the full specs and details of both the Air Pure and Air Touring when they’re released on November 15 at its online launch event at 1 p.m. EST. All five models of the Lucid Air sedan will also be on display at the company’s studio in Beverly Hills the week of November 15.

For those looking for something besides a sedan from Lucid, the company is planning to share more info about its future models, including its Project Gravity SUV that’s expected to arrive in 2024.