This mini EV is a portable party machine you probably can’t afford

The Club Car Cru can seat six passengers and has a built-in table.

The Club Car Cru EV
Club Car

An electric scooter or bicycle may be convenient for getting around, but there often isn’t enough room for a passenger, much less six. Club Car is giving us the solution to this with its Cru neighborhood electric vehicle that falls somewhere between a golf cart and a mini EV.

Club Car designed the Cru for those who want to get around their community or neighborhood, but don’t necessarily want to jump in a car. Looking at the design, the Cru looks tailored for the cul-de-sac crowd, which is already a fairly niche market. However, neighborhood electric vehicles, or NEVs, have been picking up steam lately in the micromobility world.

The Club Car Cru is perfect for cruising around the neighborhood.

Club Car

Comfy cruiser — Don’t expect much power from the Cru. It’s designed to get you from point A to point B, as long as it’s not too far and you’re not in a rush. The Cru tops out at 25 mph with a continuous 10 horsepower or a peak 30 horsepower. Club Car designed the Cru to be street legal, so you can get away with riding it around on certain low-speed limit streets.

While the Cru can get you around the neighborhood, this NEV’s interior design is what stands out. Club Car essentially created a portable hangout spot with the Cru since it has a removable table, reversible driver and passenger seats, and a wrap-around lounge. You’ll get 360-degree views in the Cru, but there’s a glass enclosure on the left side of the NEV that keeps it from being a true open-air vehicle.

The Cru can be charged through your home’s standard 110V to 120V outlets, which will take between 6 to 14 hours to fully charge. On a full charge, you’ll get about 15 to 20 miles depending on how you use the Cru.

The price of portable parties — This portable hangout spot doesn’t come cheap though, with a starting price of $27,000. That price tag will give you even more sticker shock when you compare it to other NEVs, like the Wink’s base model which starts at $8,995.

The Club Car Cru tops out at 25 mph.

Club Car

The Cru is already available in certain U.S. locations and Club Car has plans to expand its availability. It may seem trivial to some, but the NEV market is growing and expected to occupy a deserved spot between electric scooters and actual EVs. With designs like the Club Car Cru, we could see some more momentum.

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