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Zenless Zone Zero Release Date, Characters, Trailer, and Pre-Registration For HoYoverse's Next Game

Welcome to New Eridu.

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After the success of Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail, it’s no surprise that developer HoYoverse is working on a new RPG — even if the game’s May 2022 announcement came out of nowhere. Its sci-fi setting makes it different from the company’s already existing gacha games, even if it retains the studio’s energetic character design. Expect real-time combat in an urban fantasy city and style that lands somewhere between Persona and Scarlet Nexus. Here’s what we know so far about Zenless Zone Zero.

What is Zenless Zone Zero?

Zenless Zone Zero is an action roleplaying game from the makers of Honkai Impact, Genshin Impact, and Honkai Star Rail. It was previously believed to be an anime-inspired shooter, but that’s not the case. Instead, it focuses on real-time combat like in Honkai Impact and Genshin Impact. Roguelike gameplay also takes the stage in the game’s main dungeons: the Hollows.

Some of the main faces in the game.


Is there a release date for Zenless Zone Zero?

Zenless Zone Zero doesn’t have an official release date, but it may be coming this summer. In late April, Zenless Zone Zero appeared on the iOS App Store with a listed release date of July 3. Though HoYoverse has yet to confirm the date, it also launched pre-registration at the same time, suggesting that the game’s release isn’t too far away.

Is there a trailer for Zenless Zone Zero?

Yes, there is! HoYoverse released the first trailer in early May along with an updated website and beta announcement. It also dropped a combat trailer during the Summer Game Fest.

The first Zenless Zone Zero trailer takes the viewer on a hype-heavy tour of its main setting, New Eridu. It shows off the futuristic world and characters, who wield unique weapons from guns to hammers. It’s apparent that factions of some sort will butt heads during the story. Who will be at your side as you take on this world’s monsters? That’s still a question left unanswered.

The second trailer features a character called Soldier 11, a member of the city’s Defense Force. She fluidly slices through robotic enemies and shows off her acrobatic prowess in the video. Also, she can apparently ignite her sword at will. Other characters that didn’t receive as much love in the first trailer, like the Von Lycaon, also get to show off their moves in all their high-octane glory.

Since then, the official Zenless Zone Zero YouTube page has posted dozens more videos, including stylish introductions to many more of the upcoming game’s characters.

What is the story of Zenless Zone Zero?

Expect some stylish gunfire.


Zenless Zone Zero takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. Most of humanity has been wiped out by a cataclysmic event dubbed the “Hollows,” which create dimensions filled with monsters called Ethreal out of thin air. New Eridu was the last city to survive the apocalypse, partially because it invented technology capable of extracting resources from the Hollows.

So New Eridu became a sanctuary for the world’s survivors. Then, it attracted even more people with a program that allowed them to venture into the Hollows for their own purposes. Unfortunately, the monetization of the Hollows also caused a political strain between the existing factions in the city. However, that’s not the focus right at the beginning.

Your role is as a “Proxy,” a guide in charge of leading clients through the Hollows. Everyone has a different reason for venturing inside such a dangerous place — something you learn as part of the job. It’s up to the player to make it through these dungeons safely and learn more about the fate of New Eridu in the process.

What are the Hollows in Zenless Zone Zero?

As mentioned earlier, Hollows are dangerous dimensions that you should only venture into with the proper equipment. They are the main dungeons in Zenless Zone Zero. Hollows work like roguelikes, where teams of three reap resources from the shifting maps. Players enter the Hollows using commissions and select “television screens” featuring specific rewards based on what you want. That’s where the majority of the combat takes place.

Who are the Zenless Zone Zero characters?

Many content creators like Hanabi Network have preview videos for ZZZ characters.

Many Zenless Zone Zero beta testers have already unlocked all the available characters in the “Tuning Test.” We don’t have the full roster, and only a handful of them are featured on the official website. However, these are the characters that players have found so far. We’ve also included factions where applicable.

  • Anby Demara (Gentle House AKA Cunning Hares) - ZZZ’s poster girl
  • Nekomiya Mana (Gentle House AKA Cunning Hares) - Little cat girl
  • Billy Kid (Gentle House AKA Cunning Hares) - Masked dual pistol wielder
  • Nicole Demara (Gentle House AKA Cunning Hares) - Pink-haired girl with cannon
  • Von Lycaon (Victoria Housekeeping Co.) - Wolf battle butler
  • Corin Wickes (Victoria Housekeeping Co.) - Shy maid with scythe
  • Soldier 11 (Faction Unknown) - Girl with goggles featured in combat trailer
  • Miyabi (Hollow Special) - Fox-eared katana wielder
  • Aokaku (Hollow Special) - Blue-skinned oni girl with axe
  • Ben (Belobog Industries) - Bear man with a scar over his eye
  • Anton (Belobog Industries) - Spiky-haired man with giant drill
  • Koleda (Belobog Industries) - Red-haired girl with dual hammers

We’ll be sure to update this section with more information as it comes out.

Is Zenless Zone Zero a gacha game?

Zenless Zone Zero does feature gacha elements, meaning you’ll need to spend in-game currency or real money to obtain random characters and weapons. If it’s anything like Genshin or Honkai, it will give you free characters that you can use to proceed in the story, but some characters will be locked behind banner rolls.

Previews of the game have disagreed on just how easy Zenless Zone Zero is to play without spending any money.

Can I pre-register for Zenless Zone Zero?

Yes! As of April 23, pre-registration is open for Zenless Zone Zero on all platforms.

On iOS and Android, head to the Play Store or App Store and simply click pre-register on the Zenless Zone Zone listing. On PlayStation or PC, find the game on PSN or the Epic Games Store and add it to your wishlist. You can also head to the game’s official website and sign up with your HoYoverse account.

No matter how you do it, pre-registering will give you access to rewards of in-game currency and level-up materials when Zenless Zone Zero launches. Once 15 million people pre-register globally, every 5 million pre-registrations will unlock additional rewards.

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