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You might still be able to get an Xbox Series X on launch day. Here's how

There might be a few Xboxes laying around, but not where you think.

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The Xbox Series X is breathtaking. Microsoft's latest console is an incredible machine, but you might have a tough time getting your hands on one. Even if you've got your massive cash roll handy, it's possible that you won't be able to obtain Microsoft's next-gen consoles. After a brief stint being available in September, the Xbox Series X has been scarce, only available through scalpers, but can you find it on launch day?

Well, maybe?

Nearly every major retailer has announced that the Xbox Series X will be available at some point during the launch month. Some will have it on launch day while others sequester new Xboxes to a Black Friday deal. Many retailers also seem to be selling the online consoles exclusively through their online platforms, discouraging aspiring Xbox Series X owners from showing up in person.

Here are your options for obtaining a new console on Xbox Series X launch day.

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Target revealed their Xbox Series X plans after an inquisitive Twitter user asked what might be in store for next-gen sales.

You'll need to purchase your console online first if you want to get it from Target. They'll be stocking consoles in stores, but only for those who select curbside pickup or Drive Up options. Either way, you can't walk into your local Target demanding a new console. This choice was likely made due to ongoing concerns regarding the pandemic.

Target has yet to provide a timeframe for when the consoles will be available online. You'll just need to keep refreshing their Xbox hub page throughout November 10. If you want to play the console as soon as possible, choose curbside pick up if it's available.

Here's the individual Target pages for Series X and Series S.


Like Target, Walmart Xbox Series X purchases are online only. They'll be available at the monolithic store beginning at 12 p.m. Eastern on November 10th. Make sure to keep refreshing Walmart's Xbox landing page to claim your console.

Here's the individual Walmart pages for Series X and Series S.


As the perennial agent of chaos amongst retail stores, GameStop announced on Twitter that consoles will be available via their website as early as November 9. They'll also have a stock of consoles available to purchase directly from physical stores on November 10, ignoring the pandemic concerns that permeate plans from other stores.

It's possible that GameStop will have a more abundant stock than other stores due to a partnership with Microsoft.

Best Buy

Returning law and order to console purchasing, Best Buy thoroughly detailed their launch day plans via a corporate blog post. Like their peers (sans GameStop), Best Buy is limiting Xbox Series X purchases to online only and plans to maintain this throughout the Holliday season.

You'll need to regularly refresh Best Buy's Xbox Series X landing page, beginning on November 10, if you hope to get your hands on Microsoft's latest console.

The company also made the Xbox Series X a prominent part of their Black Friday flyer. If you don't obtain a console this week, Best Buy will certainly have later opportunities.


As an online-only storefront, Amazon has no choice but to remain that way. In the Q and A section on the Xbox Series X product page, the Xbox Team announced that the console will return on launch day at an unspecified time.

You'll just have to keep refreshing the Xbox page throughout November 10 to purchase it from Amazon.

Update: As of 11:30 a.m. ET on November 10, Amazon has Series S in-stock.

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