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Get ready to rumble: Everything we know about WWE 2K23

Can it replicate the success of 2K22?


In many ways, WWE 2K22 was a welcome addition, especially after the popular series took a year off in 2021. WWE 2K22 performed well — critically and commercially — and was regarded as a return to form, while also introducing fresh features and mechanics. So, what about a follow-up? While 2K hasn’t yet officially announced WWE 2K23, we do know it’s coming. What else do we know about the upcoming WWE 2K installment? Details are still a little sparse, sure, but we’ve gathered everything we know about WWE 2K23.

When is the WWE 2K23 release date?

WWE 2K23 is due out on March 17, 2023. You can actually play it three days early if you purchase the Deluxe or Icon Editions.

Publisher 2K will likely reveal WWE 2K23 during the Royal Rumble 2023 Premium Live Event this year.WWE

The WWE 2K series used to launch in the fall each year, but following the release of 2K22, it seems we’ll get new installments in March going forward. 2K evidently saw great success with 2K22, so it makes sense the company will want to mirror its release window with future entries.

Is there a WWE 2K23 trailer?

There is! It’s not necessarily the most detailed trailer, but it does give us a glance at the game’s visual style, along with several confirmed superstars including John Cena. That’s right, the champ is here (but you can’t see him!). Based on the trailer, it seems 2K23 will feature elements from the Ruthless Aggression era, including the iconic Smackdown fist from the mid-2000s.

Publisher 2K will no doubt release another trailer or two ahead of the game’s launch this March.

When will WWE 2K23 be revealed?

According to WWE 2K23 News on Twitter, more details about the upcoming game will be shared at the end of January, which coincides with Royal Rumble 2023.

This marquee WWE Premium Live Event occurs on January 28, 2023, where more details about the upcoming game could be revealed. WWE 2K22 was shown off during Summerslam 2021, so it wouldn’t be unusual to give us a taste of the new game during a Premium Live Event.

What are the WWE 2K23 rumors?

Rey Mysterio was the cover star and was featured prominently as part of the Showcase mode in WWE 2K22.2K Sports

WWE 2K23 News mentioned that MyFaction Mode in WWE 2K22 generated “more revenue than anticipated” and expects it to return in 2K23. This is an in-game collectible card mode that heavily features microtransactions, and was criticized by players across the board.

Likewise, we should also expect to see the return of Showcase mode, which allows players to relive famous matches from specific superstars over the years. 2K22 highlighted Rey Mysterio via its Showcase mode, allowing you to experience his best matches with the likes of Eddie Guerrero, Shawn Michaels, and The Undertaker.

It’s possible 2K23’s Showcase mode will focus on a new superstar like Triple H, Brock Lesnar, John Cena, or a more recent talent.

WWE 2K23 is in development.

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