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3 clues to solve the March 1, 2022 Wordle puzzle

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Jumble of letters

Wordle officially has its first puzzle for the month of March, and this one is a doozy. Want to know the answer to the March 1 puzzle? Need a few clues to help get you there? When all your best starting words and strategies fail, we’re here to help you keep that streak alive. Here’s everything you need to know about one of the most controversial puzzles in recent weeks.

Wordle 255 clues

We know that the March 1 Wordle has been a stumper for most folks, but it doesn’t have to be. Below are three clues related to the answer in ascending order of clarity. Read the clue that best fits the amount of help you need, and you just might be able to walk away with the right word on your own.

Clue #1: The answer for Wordle 255 is a noun.

Clue #2: The solution for Wordle 255 has three vowels: a U in the second position and two E’s in the fourth and fifth positions.

Clue #3: This is a word related to currency, and it’s also relevant to The Legend of Zelda video game series.

Typically we remind our readers that the Wordle answer dictionary focuses on everyday words that aren’t plurals, but we’d argue that only the second of those two qualities is true today. Rack your brain for some more international-centric words and you just might arrive at the word you’re looking for. If it helps, there’s no use trying to fish for an S today.

Wordle 255 answer

In the event our clues weren’t revealing enough to help you solve Wordle 255, the answer for the March 1 puzzle is RUPEE.

Here’s the answer for Wordle 255 on March 1, 2022.

The New York Times

Our guesses began with SLATE, which told us the E was in its proper place. From there we guessed PRICE, as a word that features all different letters despite ending in E. Once we knew the P and R were also featured in the solution, it became clear the answer for the latest puzzle was rupee.

In the interest of trying to offer our readers the answer, we’ll admit that we leaned pretty heavily on our Wordle solver tool to help figure this one out. With that in mind, you shouldn’t feel at all ashamed if you weren’t able to make your way to the solution today. Wordle 255 is probably the toughest puzzle players have had to solve in at least a month, as it’s a lot more obtuse than most players expect. If you’ve got a good vocabulary, though, we’ll give you some due kudos if you happen to figure it out.

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