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Wordle 221 answer: Clues to solve the January 26, 2022 puzzle

Take a stab at Wordle 221.

Jumble of letters

Wordle continues its quest for social media dominance, as puzzle #221 graces your desktop or mobile screen on January 26. True to the vast majority of Wordle solutions, the latest answer is a fairly simple word often used in ordinary language. But, if you still can’t quite figure it out, we’ve got a list of three clues that may help you arrive at the solution with only a moderate level of cheating involved.

Per usual we’ll direct you to some of our in-house Wordle guides covering topics like 20 of the best mathematically proven starter words, a list of tools that will help solve puzzles for you, and a few general tips to hone your skills. However, in the event those links don’t offer enough of an aid, that’s what this page is for.

Wordle 221 clues

These three clues may point you in the right direction if you’d prefer a nudge toward the solution instead of being told the answer outright.

Clue #1: The answer to Wordle 221 is a verb.

Clue #2: The word has just one vowel in the middle.

Clue #3: You might hear this word in relation to an iconic arcade game featuring tiny mammals.

Keep in mind that the Wordle solution list excludes plurals, so don’t waste your time using an S as your fifth letter unless you really think it fits. Some of the traditionally strong starter words should help you out today, but the first letter, in particular, might be a bit tricky.

Wordle 221 answer

As seen in this screenshot, the answer for the January 26 Wordle is WHACK. I started off with a proven effective word that immediately gave me the A in the proper position. With that letter confirmed in the third slot, I then assumed the combination of “ack” seemed like the most logical route to the solution. From there, it was just a matter of guessing common “ack” words until my six attempts had expired.

This is the answer for Wordle #221 featured on January 26.

Josh Wardle

That’s all there is to know about Wordle 221. Hopefully, you were able to figure out the solution by reading our clues, but there’s no shame in looking at the answer if you absolutely must. The limited number of guesses at your disposal makes this game especially tough, so don’t feel bad if things didn’t go your way today. After all, there’s always tomorrow!

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