Games like Wordle: 7 best free alternatives for word puzzle fiends

Wordle has become much more than a daily five-letter guess.

Wordle has quickly emerged as 2022’s most viral gaming sensation, and with that popularity comes the inevitable rise of clone games from across the interwebs. While app store scam artists were quick to create paid versions of the free game for fast money, these seven alternatives have emerged as projects designed in the free and fun spirit of the original. Open a browser and get ready to play Wordle in ways you never thought possible. From Pokémon to profanity, it’s all here!

7. Online Lingo [Link]

The first entry on our list arrives courtesy of the educational developers at COKOGAMES. The same principles of Wordle apply, except this variant has an option for six-letter words, and there’s an unlimited amount of puzzles players can guess each day. Because this clone is designed for younger audiences, it also provides hints in the form of faded letters to help those who may be stuck.

Online Lingo is an easier version of the Wordle you know.


If you have a smaller child who wants to try a simpler version of Wordle or you’re just not very good at guessing words yourself, this is a solid place to start. The only drawback is that its social sharing features require logins, which may be a dealbreaker for some. Still, would you really want your friends to know you’re playing the dumbed-down version of Wordle anyway?

6. Sweardle [Link]

If you’re looking for a Wordle experience that’s slightly more adult in nature, Sweardle is an interesting alternative. True to its name, this title is based solely on four-letter profanity that players must deduce within four guesses. Just like Wordle, this is a daily puzzle game and its social hooks make it easy to share your results without having to link your accounts.

This version of Wordle isn’t for children.


5. Squirdle [Link] Daily Squirdle [Link]

If you like Pokémon, Squirdle is the Wordle variant for you. Instead of guessing five-letter words, this version gives players five guesses to deduce a specific pocket monster from the entire known Pokédex or just the original 151. With each guess, you’ll be told if you’ve found the right elemental typing and you’ll be able to hone your answers down further through comparisons of height and weight.

If you like Pokémon but hate word games, this is this is the Wordle clone for you.


As seen above, there are two variants of the game. Regular Squirdle allows you to progress through as many puzzles as you like, while Daily Squirdle has the entire player base working to solve the same puzzle. And, just like the original Wordle, sharing your results is as easy as a simple copy-paste. Gotta guess em all!

4. Lewdle [Link]

Lewdle is the latest creation from Rogue One co-writer Gary Whitta and the game’s name tells you all you need to know. Similar to Sweardle, this is a Wordle clone based on profanity. In this variant, the rules are slightly different, with this alternative sticking to the five-letter rules of the original.

Because the internet couldn’t resist corrupting Wordle.

Gary Whitta/Leah Whitta/Adam Nickerson

If you’ve spent time with the original Wordle, you’ll notice that Lewdle’s UI copies almost everything about it with the focus on a more explicit dictionary. This is a daily puzzle game, and its sharing feature works just like the source material.

3. WordGuessr [Link]

Whether you just want a never-ending version of standard Wordle or desire something a little more exciting, WordGuessr is a worthy alternative worth trying. Unlike the original game, this one allows you to solve puzzles with words that can be anything from three to seven letters long based on the option you select at the start. After you’ve finished your six guesses, you can share your accomplishment by pasting a code into your social media of choice.

This is a fairly standard never-ending Wordle clone with a few additive features.


That’s not all, however, because WordGuessr also offers options for a “challenge game” as well. Select this match type, and you’ll be given a link to the exact puzzle you’re working on that can be easily shared with friends. In other words, even though WordGuessr isn’t gated by time, you still have a chance to make it competitive with your besties.

2. hello wordl [Link]

This Wordle variant by chordbug is similar to the previous one, but its interface is a little simpler. The game operates around standard Wordle rules, except there’s a slider at the top of the page for players to try puzzles featuring words that are anywhere from four to 11 letters in length. After your guesses are complete, you’re given the option to challenge a friend to the puzzle, and there’s also a daily variant for those who like the idea of a singular solution. Its only drawback is that hello wordl doesn’t have any social features, so don’t expect to share it on Twitter without posting it yourself!

If you prefer a simple and endless Wordle clone, hello wordl may be the best one.


1. Absurdle [Link]

In many ways, qntm’s Absurdle is essentially an anti-Wordle. Instead of working toward a single known solution, the Absurdle algorithm constantly changes its answer and tries to narrow down the results as little as possible with each of your six possible guesses. The end goal with Absurdle, then, is to guess with a highly diverse lettering scheme so that, through the algorithm’s clues, it has no choice but to show you the one word that fits your requirements. The concept is hard to explain, but the TL;DR is that Absurdle is a challenging and more evil take on the Wordle you know.

Absurdle is Wordle with a mean streak.


When it comes to extra features, Absurdle lets players complete as many puzzles as they want, and results can be shared on social platforms via copy-paste. This game is awesome because it doesn’t parody Wordle or outright copy it. Instead, it offers a new type of game based on the fundamentals you’ve already been using.

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