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How to unlock Warzone’s Rebirth Island golden vaults

Know your way around the Prison Block.

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Call of Duty: Warzone

Easter Eggs and Call of Duty go hand in hand. Activision has another one for us, this time on the fan-favorite Rebirth Island. As part of Season 2 Reloaded, Rebirth Island has undergone a substantial number of changes, including the addition of three new vaults with plenty of goodies inside. But of course, you can’t expect to just walk into them without doing a little leg work first. While the process isn’t the most enjoyable, it’s actually fairly straightforward, which certainly helps. Here, we’ll show you how to complete the Warzone Rebirth Island Easter Egg to unlock all three vaults during Season 2 Reloaded.

Step 1: Search prison cells for remotes

Six random prison cells each contain a blinking remote for you to interact with.


The first step is the hardest, so be prepared to work together with your team to get it done as efficiently as possible. What you need to do is visit the inside of the prison area and enter the cells to find blinking remotes on top of the toilets. Interact with the remote to turn the blinker off.

There are six of them in total and they spawn in different locations each match. Since there are so many cells in this area, it will take a significant amount of coordination to check all of them, so make sure you’re communicating with your team as you search. Also, don’t forget to check the cells on the second floor, which you can climb up to by using a crate.

Each time you interact with a blinking remote, it will turn off, and a TV on the second floor will turn on, with a static screen. This way, you can keep track of all the remotes you’ve interacted with. In between these screens is a red phone.

Step 2: Answer the phone in Prison Block

After you’ve interacted with all six, answer the phone on the second floor to receive the code.


After you’ve interacted with all six remotes, a red phone on the second floor of the prison will ring. Answer it, and it will spit out the 8-digit code needed to open any of the vaults. Keep in mind, just like the remotes, the access code is different for each match. We recommend turning subtitles on for this section so you don’t miss the code.

The other risk is that enemy teams can also listen to the code given over the phone, so be sure to get to a vault quickly after you’ve uncovered it. If you miss the code or need a reminder, just interact with the phone again to hear it once more.

Step 3: Visit any of the three vaults with your access code

There are three vaults across Rebirth Island, and they spawn in fixed locations. Below, we’ll outline where to find them all—but just be aware, enemy players might wait beside them to get into the vault as soon as you open it. Another important point is that your access code will work across all three vaults in any given match.


A vault is located by the Shore, close to Deacon Zone.


Take the ladder or jump down to the lower level to reach it.


This vault is found on the ground level, just northwest of Deacon Zone, close to Shore. Take the ladder or steps down to the lower level.

Nova 6

Another vault is located in the underground area of Nova 6.


It’s all the way at the bottom on the northwestern side.


This is a new area found on the bottom section of Nova 6. Head down to the lowest level and then on the northwestern side is this vault area.


A vault is also found to the east of Stronghold on the ground level.


It’s up against the rocks that lead to Living Quarters.


The last one is on the eastern side of Stronghold, against the rocks that lead to Living Quarters.

Step 4: Profit

The process of opening a vault is a pain, but if you can get inside, it’s well worth it.


Inside the vaults are a ton of goodies, including Loadout Drops, Advanced UAVs, Specialist Bonuses, other streaks, and a boatload of cash. Beyond that, you can even find Foresight, which reveals the location of the final circle, making it easy to get prepared for the endgame.

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