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Where to find all 3 new Warzone key cards on Rebirth Island

Top-tier loot awaits.


Rebirth Island has undergone a massive list of changes during Warzone Season 2 Reloaded. Aside from new POIs, some quality of life improvements, and the introduction of a dedicated Solos mode, Rebirth Island now has a set of key cards that unlock lockers containing top-tier goodies. These key cards are hidden around the map and you’ll absolutely want to get your hands on them. But where are they located and what kind of loot awaits? Here are all three Rebirth Island key card locations, where to find the hidden vault, and what each one unlocks.

Before diving into the key card locations, you should be aware that each one must be taken to a specific location to open up a locker. If you get eliminated before reaching the vault room, you’ll drop the key card, so be careful as you make your way across the map.

Warzone Vikhor's key card location

This key card is found in Headquarters. Activision

Arguably the toughest key card to obtain is located on the bottom floor of the main building in Headquarters inside the now opened vault. This is a high-traffic area, making it tough to grab the key card first. Head to the first floor of this building and then down into the vault to find this key card on the table in the back.

Look for it in the vault at the bottom of the main building in this area.Activision

Warzone The Forgotten key card location

This key card is in the Bioweapon Labs. Activision

For this one, land at the Bioweapons Labs and make your way to the basement. From here, you’ll need to interact with the showerhead on the southeastern side to obtain the key card. Doing so will cause the key card to come out, along with some cash.

You need to activate the shower in the basement to retrieve the key card. Activision

Warzone Perseus key card location

This key card is found in the large building to the south of Nova 6 Factory. Activision

The final one is found inside the large building to the southwest of the Nova 6 Factory. Enter the southern side of the building and you’ll see the key card on a shelf.

Grab it on a shelf on the southern side.Activision

Where to take the Warzone key cards

Each key card opens a safe deposit box in the new Stronghold area. Activision

Each of the three key cards opens a different locker in a building within the new Stronghold area. You’ll want to enter the main floor of the building with the satellite on the roof where you’ll find a small vault room with three lockers.

The vault room containing the lockers.Activision

Below is a list of what each locker contains from left to right:

  • Perseus: $10,000, Advance UAV
  • Vikhor: Loadout Drop Marker and $8,000
  • The Forgotten: Munitions Box, Loadout Drop Marker, and a Specialist Bonus
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