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Next Warzone update will finally fix the most controversial mechanic

In the patch notes for the latest update, Raven Software detailed an upcoming Warzone change that should have been there from the start.

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On the heels of Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 Reloaded, developer Raven Software has given us an indication of what’s to come next for the hit battle royale. Alongside a hefty list of patch notes for the newest update, a section about upcoming changes reveals a major feature that should have been in the game since the very beginning.

Dead Silence — a powerful Field Upgrade that masks the sound of your footsteps temporarily — is finally getting a counter.

“We are excited to share that we are planning the debut of two new Warzone-specific Perks,” an excerpt from the patch notes says. “Alongside them, High Alert will also be receiving an update that allows players to hear Dead Silent footsteps.”

This is huge. And it is a long time coming, considering Dead Silence has been a bit overpowered from the start. What makes Dead Silence so clutch? And why is this change so vital? Here’s all that and more.

The Dead Silence Field Upgrade is finally getting a counter.


Dead Silence is a Field Upgrade (essentially a power-up) that randomly spawns around the map of Warzone either from chests or on the ground. Once you collect it, it stays on you until you deploy it, allowing you to save it for a clutch moment.

When deployed, it temporarily gives you a hefty speed boost and masks your footsteps, making it significantly easier to sneak up on unsuspecting enemies.

Dead Silence (or Ninja, as it was once referred to) has been in the Call of Duty series for over a decade, but its implementation in Warzone has always been controversial due to the frequency of its spawn rate around the map.

Given how powerful the Field Upgrade is, you’d think coming across it during a match would be a rare occurrence, but it isn’t. It’s not unusual to come across Dead Silence every single match as long as you’re making an effort to loot your surroundings.

Therefore, you always have to suspect that someone might rush up on you from behind while using the Field Upgrade, which isn’t always practical during the heat of battle. While it’s up for debate whether Dead Silence itself should be nerfed on its own, having a perk that counters it is a positive change.

The buff to High Alert could have a ripple effect across the game as a whole.


Currently, there’s nothing you can do to stop someone from using Dead Silence. A worse player can get the drop on their opponent with relative ease. Being able to counter that in any way at all is a major improvement.

The other main point is that it will make the High Alert perk a more viable option. High Alert in its current state triggers an orange flash on your screen when an enemy looks at you. It’s a good perk, but it’s tough to recommend over some of the others.

Right now, there are only two perks in that slot that are worth using: Ghost (undetectable on UAVs and Heartbeat Sensors) and Overkill (allows you to have two primary weapons right away).

Because of how limited your perk options are, there isn’t much variation in that regard. It restricts the gameplay in a major way that causes it to be less interesting. So, this upcoming buff to High Alert could indirectly impact the usage of the aforementioned perks. It will have a ripple effect that could change the way many Warzone players build their loadouts.

Raven has done a great job of balancing Warzone’s weapons, but its perks certainly need an overhaul. This upcoming change simultaneously makes Dead Silence more balanced, while hopefully allowing for versatility with perk options. This won’t fundamentally change the game as a whole, but it’s a step in the right direction.

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