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The 8 Best Warzone Season 5 Meta Weapons Right Now

Cover your bases up-close, from afar, and everywhere in between.

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Warzone Season 5

With the launch of Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5, comes a brand new meta, thanks to a series of weapon balancing changes. In general, many of the weapons from the previous season still work well, but their position within the meta list may have shifted around. Likewise, other weapons will perform better than before, giving players new options for various playstyles.

While most guns in Warzone are viable, you’ll want to use a meta weapon to increase your chances of victory. Below is a list of the meta weapons for Warzone Season 5.

8. MCPR-300

One-Shot Sniper

Sniping sure isn’t what it used to be in Warzone, as most of the rifles are not able to secure one-shot eliminations to the head. The exception is to equip select snipers — such as the MCPR-300 — with explosive rounds, which deal just enough damage to secure a one-hit elimination to the head of a fully-plated enemy. The MCPR has a great fire-rate, ammo count, rechamber time, and bullet velocity, making it easier to secure long-range eliminations.

7. Signal 50

Use the Signal 50 to fire quick shots back-to-back.


Aggressive Sniper

However, sniping with the MCPR-300 is still difficult, so if you’re having trouble, we recommend using the Singal 50. This is a semi-auto rifle that allows for plenty of wiggle room. Sure, the Signal 50 is not as powerful as the MCPR, but its fire-rate more than makes up for that.

6. Chimera


While running a sniper, you’ll need a decent sniper-support weapon, and none are better than the Chimera. This assault rifle functions like a mix between an SMG and an assault rifle, bridging the gap between close-quarters and long-range. Sure, it doesn’t perform as well as other dedicated firearms, but it will cover most of your bases up to the mid-range.

5. ISO 45

Aggressive Close-Range

But if you want to dominate up-close, the ISO 45 is your best bet. It’s odd that this weapon didn’t receive any nerfs as part of Season 5, since it’s been the best SMG for a while now. Full stop, the ISO 45 has the best time to kîll (TTK) of all the SMGs, making it a no-brainer.

4. TAQ-V

The TAQ V is best used for slow and controlled long-range battles.


Long-Range Semi-Auto

The long-range meta is quite open, so there’s lots of room for experimentation. We like the TAQ V in semi-auto mode, as it’s easy to control from afar. Sure, you might not stand a chance against someone hitting all their shots with something like the Lachmann 762, but that’s a rare occurrence. In general, ease of use will lead to more consistency, and that’s where the TAQ V shines. You can also try it in fully-auto mode, but it’s much harder to control (but with a faster TTK).



In Warzone, LMGs are often a top choice, despite being unwieldy and slow. While most of the LMGs in the game are worth using, the RAPP H actually has the best TTK (depending on where you land your shots). This does mean it’s a bit hard to use, but if you build it right, you can significantly reduce the recoil. It’s a practical choice with plenty of ammo that will serve you well on Al Mazrah.

2. Lachmann 762

The Lachmann 762 has the best TTK.


Fastest TTK

Full-stop, the fully-auto Lachmann 762 has the best ranged TTK out of the ranged rifles, making it a worthy choice. It’s actually not that difficult to control either, meaning it will likely be among the most-used weapons this season. You’ll still need to adjust for some heavy recoil, especially from afar, but if you can master it, you’ll start to win more matches.

1. Kastov 762

Lower Recoil Long-Range

Finally, the Kastov 762 (AK-47) is the top weapon in the game right now. Sure, it doesn’t hit quite as hard as the Lachmann 762, but it’s easier to control, which will lead to more consistent victories. The one downside is that this weapon only allows for a 40-round mag, which can lead to dicey situations, but its slower rate of fire does slightly make up for its ammo capacity. In general, the average player will likely perform well with the Kastov 762.

Warzone Season 5 is available now.

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