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How to Stomp the Competition With Superpowers in Warzone

Add some spice to your arsenal.

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As part of the Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 Reloaded update, players have access to superpowers from The Boys Amazon Prime series. These abilities are randomized and will be available as limited-time powers throughout the remainder of Season 4.

In total, there are four powers available, and they all function vastly differently from one another. Below, we’ll break down how these powers work, how should you use them, and where can you get your hands on them.

Temp V Field Upgrade

To acquire one of the four superpowers, you need to first get your hands on the Temp V Field Upgrade. This item appears randomly in chests around the map and works just like a regular Field Upgrade.

The Temp V Field Upgrade gives players access to the various superpowers.


After you’ve equipped the Field Upgrade, you can activate it, and doing so will give you access to a random superpower. If you’re eliminated while holding the Temp V, it’s gone forever, so make sure to choose when to activate it appropriately.

Charge Jump

The Charge Jump launches players into the air, similar to the way jetpacks worked in previous installments. It allows you to charge it to varying degrees, offering some nuance in terms of how much height you get.

You’ll want to use the Charge Jump to escape from sticky firefights or to surprise your opponents. It’s also highly effective when rotating to a new point of interest and when attempting to outrun the gas. Overall, the Charge Jump is versatile and probably the most consistent superpower of the bunch.

Electric Shockwave

The Electric Shockwave works like an EMP that disables pretty much everything in sight.


For a more shocking approach, we recommend giving the Electric Shockwave a try. This sends a shockwave at your foes up close and works like an EMP that can disable equipment and vehicles, while also damaging your opponents. The nice thing is that you don’t need to be precise when using the ability as it shocks everything in sight.

This ability is best used in close-quarter situations, especially within the many buildings on the Vondel map. You can hit an enemy with the Electric Shockwave to deal damage before following up with a few shots to finish them off.

Laser Vision

Use Laser Vision to take out your foes from afar.


Arguably the most stylish ability, the Laser Vision attack sends you up into the air, flips the perspective to third-person, and allows you to temporarily fire a deadly laser beam from your face. It deals a lot of damage and is way more accurate than you’d expect.

Use this attack to take down enemies from afar — just be cautious, as you’re extremely vulnerable while using Laser Vision.


The Teleport ability works a lot like Charge Jump in that it sends you into the air. However, it has some pros and cons you should be aware of when using it. For starters, as its name suggests, it teleports you into the sky above, meaning you aren’t vulnerable immediately after using the move, which works great for getting out of harm’s way quickly.

However, it sends you into a freefall afterward, requiring you to use your parachute, which does leave you vulnerable, especially during end-game situations. Overall, the teleport can be extremely useful, but it’s far less consistent than the Charge Jump ability. It’s best to learn how both powers work so you can adjust your strategy if you get your hands on them.

The Warzone x The Boys crossover is live now.

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