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Warzone Halloween event 2021 start and end dates, leaks, and Operators

Welcome to “The Haunting.”

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Warzone Scream Operator

One of the most terrifying Call of Duty: Warzone Operator skins is based on Billy the Puppet from the Saw franchise, added to the game as part of the Halloween-themed event Haunting of Verdansk in 2020. Will he come again? A Warzone Halloween event for 2021 has been officially confirmed, referred to as The Haunting, though many of its details are still unclear. However, a leak might have just spoiled what to expect from this year’s spooky update. Here’s everything we know about the 2021 Warzone Halloween event, including its possible start time, Operators, and game modes.

Popular and reputable Twitter user/leaker TheGhostofHope hinted towards what to expect with the new Warzone Halloween update, and if true, it could be just as exciting as The Haunting of Verdansk.

TheGhostofHope has a positive track record and has accurately leaked information about the Vanguard rollout schedule and details about upcoming features such as a robust anti-cheat system.

When are Warzone’s The Haunting start and end dates?

A nighttime version of Verdansk was available during Halloween 2020.


Activision confirmed The Haunting will begin on October 19 and will run until November 2. Its release time hasn’t been revealed just yet, but events typically go live at 1 p.m. Eastern.

What are Warzone The Haunting game modes?

Activision has yet to confirm the game modes for The Haunting, but it’s highly likely it’ll be tied to the reveal of Vanguard Zombies. Activision will reveal the full Zombies pillar of Vanguard sometime in October, and since all mainline Call of Duty games are tied to Warzone going forward, we can expect some sort of cross-promotion.

According to Activision, The Haunting will feature “new limited-time modes, rewards, and more.” It looks like we’ll find out more on October 18, the day before the event goes live.

If it’s anything like 2020, it may feature a nighttime version of Verdansk ‘84, along with a limited-time Zombies mode, and even new challenges with spooky rewards. One thing we do know is that the new Lapa SMG will be tied to The Haunting, so you’ll likely need to complete challenges to unlock it.

In 2020, there were ghosts around the map, other scary decorations like pumpkins, along with jump scares when certain chests were opened, so we hope that remains true during the event.

Who are the Warzone Halloween Operators for The Haunting?

Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre appeared in Warzone in 2020.

Legendary Entertainment, Activision

Aside from the festive game modes and limited-time events, The Haunting will likely feature spooky Operators based on existing franchises. In 2020, The Haunting of Verdansk gave us access to Billy the Puppet from the Saw series and Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

In 2021, according to TheGhostofHope, we’ll be getting Ghostface from Scream, which coincides with the upcoming release of Scream 5. In addition, Twitter user _Nanikos_ says Warzone will feature a character from Donnie Darko, presumably Frank, the deranged man in the bunny costume. TheGhostofHope also teased the inclusion of Frank earlier in September.

On October 6, the Operator bundles leaked, courtesy of Twitter user ModenasHD, confirming the previous reports.

These Operators will likely come with new calling cards, charms, emblems, and other cosmetics like weapon blueprints.

The Warzone All Hallows Eve event has yet to be officially announced, but we’ll no doubt find out more about it by early October.

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