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Everything you need to know about the launch of Valorant

Start time, new characters, bonuses for Closed Beta players, and more.

Valorant's Closed Beta has come to an end before the game's full launch, and depending on what region you are in, you might be wondering when you'll finally be able to play the new first-person hero shooter from Riot Games. If you're curious about the start times, new content, and more, Inverse has rounded up everything you need to know.

When is the release date and start time for Valorant?

Depending on what region you are in, Valorant will go live at different times, but the official release date is still June 2, 2020.

As an always-online game, this incremental rollout will theoretically allow Riot Games to keep the servers stable as players numbering in the tens of thousands — and maybe even millions — try to log on.

According to Valorant's official Twitter account, players in Korea, Japan, and "most of Asia-Pacific" can play at 8 a.m. local time on June 2. Valorant will then launch in Europe, Turkey, Russia, MENA (Middle East), and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) territories at 6 a.m. local time on June 2, 2020. Finally, Valorant will launch in North America, South America, and Latin America at 8 a.m. Eastern on June 2, 2020.

What platforms is Valorant on?

When Valorant launches, it will only be on PC, so PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android players won't have any options for the time being. There are some leaks that suggest the game will come to PS4, iOS, and Android eventually, but on June 2 there will only be the PC version of Valorant.

What new additions are in the full version of Valorant?

Players logging on to Valorant's full launch will find a new hero, a new map, and a new game mode. This is all part of "Episode 1: Ignition," which appears to be Valorant's first season. The new hero is Reyna, who received a brief trailer on Valorant's Twitter on May 30. It doesn't give us a great look at her abilities, but she seems to be able to go invisible and even steal health from her opponents.

Reyna's reveal trailer also gives a brief glimpse at the new map, which has otherwise gone undetailed by Riot Games. Unfortunately, the new game mode also hasn't been detailed by the developer, though we'll see it in action very soon. While Riot Games has been fairly secretive on the new additions to Valorant, you should still expect them when playing after June 2.

Does Valorant have rewards for Closed Beta players?

Valorant's Closed Beta was a runaway success thanks to smart Twitch drops, so everyone who played it then is probably wondering what carries over. Unfortunately, it's not much, though Riot Games confirmed in a post about the end of the Closed Beta that those who put a lot of time into the Closed Beta will get some nice bonuses.

Almost all progression is reset with the exception of anything earned in the Closed Beta's player pass. Items purchased via the in-game store also won't carry over, but players will get spent Valorant points back with 20 percent interest. "If you bought 1000 Valorant points, you’ll have 1200 Valorant points at launch. It doesn’t matter if you spent those points or not," the post explains.

Closed Beta players can keep player pass progression and will get Valorant points back with interest.

Riot Games

While Closed Beta players are mostly back to square one, this should give you a bit of a headstart in obtaining items from the Valorant's store! Giving everyone a level playing field at launch is smart, especially when you consider how popular the Closed Beta was.

Valorant will be released for PC on June 2, 2020.

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