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Everything you need to know about Square Enix's Triangle Strategy

The heir to Final Fantasy Tactics has finally arrived.

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Real JRPG fans know that Final Fantasy Tactics is one of the all-time greats, even if it was overshadowed (perhaps rightfully so) by one of its contemporaries called Final Fantasy VII. While its reality-breaking sequels were also solid, a bonafide spiritual successor called Triangle Strategy is nearly upon us. Is it a strange name? Definitely. Will it be fun? Absolutely.

Among the many standout announcements during a February 2021 Nintendo Direct was this new tactical RPG from Square Enix. If you have fond memories of Shining Force or yearn for more of the classic Fire Emblem games on Switch, then Triangle Strategy is one to pay attention to. Here’s everything we know about it.

The primary characters of Project Triangle Strategy.

Square Enix

When is the Triangle Strategy release date?

Triangle Strategy preorders went live in November, and it was around then that Square Enix and Nintendo confirmed a March 4, 2022 release date.

Is there a Triangle Strategy trailer?

There sure is! The game was first revealed during the February 17 Nintendo Direct. Here's the brief initial trailer that accompanied the more detailed rundown of the game:

Nintendo also released a trailer called “Challenge Your Convictions” in October 2021 that overviews some of the intensely dramatic ways you can upset your closest companions in Triangle Strategy. It also overviews the unique “HD-2D” art style that evokes a classical aesthetic with modern animation strategies. Plenty of unique characters are also introduced, along with some of the game’s key strategic themes. The big buzzword here is “conviction.” Each character has their own convictions, and the deep, branching narrative will change based on your decisions.

There’s also a very dramatic “Character & Story Trailer” focusing on Prince Roland Glenbrook, one of the main characters you recruit to your team.

What is the Triangle Strategy story?

30 years after the Saltiron War brought havoc to three neighboring nations over the trade of — you guessed it — salt and iron, you play as young Serenoa Wolffort, a genius lord of the central Glenbrook.

The Holy State of Hyzante controlled the salt trade thanks to a salty lake, and the Grand Duchy of Aesfrost mined for iron in its land with Glenbrook located in a forest-filled land in between. Eventually, the nations formed the neutral Nozelia Company to equalize the salt and iron trade. But, over time, increased taxes lead to the brink of yet another war. It’s around then that Serenoa inherits the land of Glenbrook and has to fight for peace in his lands, along the way recruiting many different companions based on his convictions.

What is Triangle Strategy gameplay like?

Here’s a look at combat on a ship.

Square Enix

Triangle Strategy is a tactical role-playing game. That means that story chapters will be punctuated by lengthy turn-based battles where you'll command a variety of kinds of troops to victory against opposing forces, navigating potentially inhospitable terrain as you go.

In combat, you'll move your characters on a grid. Nimble characters like a mounted knight will be able to traverse long stretches in a single turn while lumbering warriors with heavy armor will take a longer time to move around the battlefield. You'll need to balance sending out an advance wave without leaving your main damage dealers too far behind, along with protecting your more delicate ranged fighters like archers and mages. Positioning and environmental effects will be important in just about every battle. Flanking an enemy, for example, will deal bonus damage — and so will surrounding them.

Rather than a class system, each character is unique. Furthermore, the branching narratives will lead different characters to join your cause, all based on your “convictions.”

Is there a demo for Triangle Strategy?

Yes! Nintendo and Square Enix released a demo of the game right after the February 2021 Nintendo Direct. It includes several different battles from the game along with some diverse story elements. The whole thing takes place around the midgame, so the story itself is pretty disorienting.

Is Triangle Strategy a sequel?

Despite the game's visual resemblance to both Final Fantasy Tactics and Octopath Traveler, it's not a sequel to either, but a standalone story. The game is developed by the same Square Enix team that made Octopath Traveler, with detailed 2D sprites traversing an intricate 3D world that's clearly inspired by some of the developer's classic role-playing epics from the 1990s.

Your choices will determine the outcome of the narrative, and which characters join your party as allies — and presumably, who you'll challenge on the battlefield.

What else do we know about Triangle Strategy?

If the brief official trailer above wasn't enough to whet your whistle, there's a more detailed rundown of what players can expect from the game below.

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