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Everything to know about The Last of Us Part 2's launch

Release time, file size, and more have been confirmed.

The release of the biggest PlayStation 4 game of the year, Naughty Dog's The Last of Us Part II, is right around the corner following leaks, controversy, and intriguing previews and reviews. If you want to experience Naughty Dog's latest game as soon as humanly possible, you'll need to know the exact release time, download size, pre-load details, and more.

Inverse has rounded up all of that information here for you.

What time will The Last of Us Part 2 be released?

As is the case with all major Sony-published games for PS4, The Last of Us Part 2 will be available right at midnight Eastern time on the day of its release. To be more specific, The Last of Us Part 2 will be released at 12 a.m. Eastern on June 19, 2020. Because this is the biggest PS4 game of the year, it's definitely worth staying up for, though you'll need to make sure you have enough storage space to pre-load the game. On PS4, the game also includes a countdown timer that confirmed the midnight Eastern release time.

Can I pre-load The Last of Us Part 2?

Players who pre-order The Last of Us Part 2 on PS4 will have the option to pre-load the game, and if you're reading this, then pre-loading has already begun. Once you pre-order, the game will automatically begin downloading onto your hard drive. Before you pre-load though, you'll need to make sure you have enough space on your hard drive to even download the highly anticipated horror game.

What is The Last of Us Part 2's file size?

While the official PlayStation website for the game says players should have 100 GB on their PS4 for the game, the actual size is a bit smaller, though nothing to scoff at. Pre-loading reveals that The Last of Us Part 2 requires about 77.53 GB of hard drive space. For owners of launch PS4's, this is nearly a fifth of your total hard drive.

This is almost double the file size of other major PS4 exclusives like God of War and Marvel's Spider-Man but won't take up as much space as titles like Final Fantasy VII Remake and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The Last of Us Part 2 is an incredibly detailed game, so this large file size isn't surprising, though it will be a bit frustrating for players with a lot of games on their hard drive as we approach the end of this console generation.

What are the pre-order bonuses for The Last of Us Part 2?

After you've cleared out the hard drive space and pre-order so you can pre-load the game at play right when it's released, you would probably like to know if you get anything special for pre-ordering the game at full price. Thankfully, PlayStation Store pre-orders for The Last of Us Part 2 come with quite a few bonuses. After pre-ordering, you'll immediately have access to a special The Last of Us Part II Tatoo Avatar icon for your profile.

Once the game launches on June 19, those who pre-order will also get some bonuses in-game. They'll be able to instantly upgrade the ammo capacity for Ellie's pistol and will get a Crafting Training Manual that contains additional recipes for crafting items and upgrades. While they aren't game-changing, these pre-order bonuses will give those who pre-order The Last of Us Part 2 a welcome boost at the start of the game.

The Last of Us Part 2 will finally be released for PS4 on June 19, 2020.

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