Teamfight Tactics 10.8 patch notes tease the next massively powerful comp

There are some big hints in here about the meta's next overpowered strategy.

Teamfight Tactics update 10.8 is days away from coming to live servers, just weeks after 10.7. Sorcerers appear to be the Class that will gain the most from this buff-laden patch, thanks to the addition of the new 5-Cost unit: Xerath.

The upcoming patch is currently live on the TFT Public Beta Environment (PBE) and will become widely available on April 15. Riot’s principal game designer Stephen Mortimer broke down the game’s tentative patch notes in a YouTube video he uploaded Sunday. He explained the tweaks are still subject to last-minute changes, but the overarching revisions will stay the same.

“Our goal here was to add another legendary unit, something we’ve been wanting to have since launch,” said Mortimer. “As well as make some adjustments to some underused traits and bring down a few of the over-performers.”

Here’s an in-depth look at all of the changes coming to TFT in patch 10.8:

The 'TFT' 10.8 patch notes at glance.

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TFT 10.8 patch notes: Xerath joins the battle

Xerath is a new 5-Cost champion to super-charge your team comp in the late game. The Dark Star and Sorcerer unit is an extremely powerful back-line unit that rains down meteors to random enemy units on the board that deal massive magic damage.

A summary of Xerath's stats and ability.

Naturally, the spell-caster benefits the most from Sorcerer or Dark Star builds but Mortimer said that slotting him into other squads, like Chrono, can still be effective. So players will need to experiment in order to find out what team comp best complements Xerath in 10.8.

To get the most out of the new champ, you’ll want to equip him with spell-boosting items since he dishes out cataclysmic levels of magic damage. Aim to build Rabadon’s Deathcap, Seraph’s Embrace, Jeweled Gauntlet, or Morellonomicon.

TFT 10.8 patch notes: Chase Traits

Riot has added six new Trait bonuses that can only be achieved using Spatula items, which grant a champion a new Origin or Class. These are extremely powerful boosts and require players to get lucky with rolls and items.

These bonuses further reward players who get every champion of a given Origin or Class by adding another level to the bonus that is only achievable with Spatula items. For example, there are only four Protector champions in the game, but if you can build two Protector’s Chestguards to get six Protectors on your board, you’ll unlock a third power-up.

Here’s a full list of the new chase traits:

  • 8 Sorcerer: 125 percent Spell Power
  • 9 Blademaster: 100 percent chance for Blademasters to attack two extra times on hit.
  • 9 Dark Star: When a Dark Star unit dies, +45 Attack Damage and Spell Power is awarded to all other allied Dark Star champions.
  • 6 Infiltrator: 125 percent bonus Attack Speed, refreshes on kill.
  • 6 Protector: Gain a shield of 45 percent of their Maximum Health every time they cast a spell.
  • 9 Rebel: Each Rebel champion starts the round with 350 Shield and 15 percent Damage for every adjacent Rebel unit.

Zoe is a low-cost Sorcerer that received some significant buffs in 10.8.

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TFT 10.8 patch notes: Trait Changes

Overall, the Origins and Classes stayed primarily the same, but Sorcerers got a minor buff that could go a long way considering the addition of Xerath and its new chase trait.


  • Sorcerer: Increase team’s spell power by 20/45/80 percent (from 20/40/80 percent).
  • Celestial: All allies heal 15/40/75 percent of damage dealt to opponents (from 15/30/60 percent)
  • Space Pirate: When four Space Pirates are on the board, they have a 20 percent chance to spawn an item (from 15 percent).


  • Cybernetic: When six Cybernetic champions are on the board each unit with an item gains 750 Health and 75 Attack Damage (from 800 Health and 80 Attack Damage).


  • Mech-Pilots: The Super-Mech’s Health is now calculated by adding 1,800 + 50 percent of the pilots’ Health (Annie, Rumble, Fizz), instead of just combining all of the pilots’ Health.

Syndra is one of the Sorcerers that received buffs in 10.8.

Riot Games

TFT 10.8 Champion Changes

While many units received buffs, a total of three Sorcerers (Syndra, Annie, and Zoe) were powered up in 10.8, which makes the build even more solid. Here are each of the champions that received tweaks:


  • Aurelion Sol (5-Cost): Now has 1,100 Health and 35 Armor, up from 950 Health and 30 Armor.
  • Jinx (4-Cost): Has 0.75 Attack Speed, stead of 0.7.
  • Soraka (4-Cost): Has 700 Health and her spell heals for 375/550/20,000 Health, up from 650 Health and 350/500/2,000 Health from her spell.
  • Wukong (4-Cost): His Spell now does 300/500/4,000 Spell Damage over 3 seconds now, up from 250/450/2,000.
  • Syndra (3-Cost): Now has 890 Range and 80/120/250 Spell Damage, up from 660 Range and 80/120/200 Spell Damage
  • Annie (2-Cost): Has 40 Armor and 270/300/540 Spell Shield, up from 350 Armor 225/300/450 Spell Shield.
  • Darius (2-Cost): His ability now only costs 60 Mana, down from 70.
  • Shen (2-Cost): Now has 800 Health and a 2.5/3/5 second Dodge Duration, up from 700 Health and 2.5/3/4 seconds of Dodge.
  • Caitlyn (1-Cost): Her ability now does 750/1,500/3,000 Spell Damage, up from 700/1000/1800 Spell Damage.
  • Xayah (1-Cost): Her ability now increases her attack speed by 100/125/150 percent, up from 75/100/150 percent.
  • Zoe (1-Cost): Her ability now stuns for 2/2/5/4 seconds and deals 200/275/400 Spell Damage, up from 2/2.5/3 seconds of stun and 150/225/400 Spell Damage.


  • Vel’Koz (4-Cost): His spell now lasts 2 seconds, down from 2.5 seconds.
  • Shaco (3-Cost): His Attack Damage was lowered to 50 and his spell bonus attack damage is now 300/325/350 percent, down from 55 Attack Damage and 250/325/400 percent bonus damage.
  • Lucian (2-Cost): His Attack Damage is no 50, instead of 55.


  • Fizz (4-Cost): His Health is now 600 and Attack Speed is 0.8, from 650 Health and 0.7 Attack Speed.
  • Rakan (2-Cost): His spell now costs 50/100 Mana and can only knock-up units one Hex away. The spell used to cost 50/150 Mana and knock up units 2 Hexes away.

Teamfight Tactics version 10.8 will be on live servers starting April 15, 2020.

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