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Tales of Arise Shionne the Fashion Critic: How to complete and rewards

Good looks take time.

Tales of Arise
Bandai Namco

It’s hard work being hot. Even in a fantasy world like Tales of Arise, replete with actual magic, people are still struggling to look good and choose trendy clothing. One of those people is Shionne, your pink-haired protagonist who’s asked to help clothe a Handsome Nobleman NPC in Ulzebek during the sub-quest Shionne the Fashion Critic.

This quest is fairly straightforward, but it takes a long time to see the payoff of your efforts. Here’s everything you need to complete the Shionne the Fashion Critic side quest in Tales of Arise.

How do you start Shionne the Fashion Critic in Tales of Arise?

You can kick off Shionne the Fashion Critic early on in Tales of Arise. During the story quest, Signs of Liberation, you’ll arrive in Ulzebek, an area within Calaglia. While there, you’ll spot an NPC in rags named who goes by “Handsome Nobleman.” Walk up to them to start a conversation and initiate the quest.

How do you complete Shionne the Fashion Critic in Tales of Arise?

Now that you’ve started talking to Handsome Nobleman, he’ll notice the endlessly chic attire of Shionne. Handsome Nobleman will ask for some advice on how he can match up.

You’ll be given three choices for what you can suggest for Handsome Nobleman’s next ensemble:

  1. “Just regular clothing”
  2. “Something aggressive”
  3. “Something that says money”

Of course, Shionne would be considered a fashion icon. Look at her.


Don’t stress about your response. Shionne’s opinion is held in high regard, so Handsome Nobleman will accept any answer as correct. After you’ve given him an answer, Handsome Nobleman departs to pick out some clothing fitting your suggestion. For some reason, picking out clothing will take Handsome Nobleman basically the whole game. Nope, you’re not missing something important — he just wants to take his sweet time.

You don’t need to return to him until you’ve actually beaten Tales of Arise. While you’re off on your political odyssey, the Handsome Nobleman will be staring at clothing to decide if he prefers linen or cotton.

Once you’ve beaten the final boss, return to the Handsome Nobleman to see his spiffy new duds and collect your reward.

What are the rewards for Shionne the Fashion Critic in Tales of Arise?

For aiding the Handsome Nobleman in his fashion crisis, effectively providing a makeover of a lifetime, you’ll be given a teeny reward.

Finishing the quest will grant you 1,600 Gald and 135 SP.

Tales of Arise is out now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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