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How to Romance Starfield’s Best Companion, Andreja

Star(field) crossed lovers.

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Starfield Andreja

There are plenty of paths to pursue in Starfield, from exploring every planet to becoming a notorious smuggler. When you aren’t trying to unravel the mysteries of the universe, you can also fall in love.

While Starfield’s romance options are nowhere as complex (or overtly horny) as Baldur’s Gate 3’s romances, one companion stands out amongst the rest — Andreja. Here’s how to win her heart and settle down together amongst the stars.

Make sure to raise your affinity with Andreja by paying attention to how she reacts to your actions.


Before you can win Andreja’s heart you have to find her first. This won’t be that difficult as meeting Andreja is part of the main quest. Players will receive several missions that introduce them to all of Starfield’s companions, one such quest is “Into the Unknown”. Once you finish her mission you will be able to recruit Andreja as a companion, at which point you want to set her as your Active Companion.

From this point, the way to progress Andreja’s romance is somewhat random, which can also make it time-consuming. While exploring Starfield with Andreja as your Active Companion she will start conversations with you. When given the option always choose the “Flirt” dialogue to show that you are romantically interested in Andreja.

These conversations will also slowly reveal some of Andreja’s backstory. She is currently a member of Constellation but has a history as a smuggler and devotee of the House of Va’ruun. She has a lot of complicated feelings about her past and when given the chance in dialogue you should choose the dialogue options that support her through her struggle, and encourage her to face her past.

The goal of all of these conversations is to raise your affinity level with Andreja. Starfield doesn’t give you a way to track this affinity, but as you play the game will indicate whether Andreja likes or dislikes your actions.

Finish Andreja’s companion quest to settle down.


Andreja highly values justice, so don’t be afraid to punish those who commit crimes throughout Starfield. Although she also appreciates if you can forgive someone for their past, as she herself has issues with her past, so don’t judge people too fast. Make sure to protect innocent people and not harm random bystanders. Her biggest dislike is breaking the law, so avoid committing crimes as much as possible. (That said, you might be able to get away with some petty theft.)

Once you raise Andreja’s affinity enough it will trigger her companion quest “Divided Loyalties”. Progress through this mission and at the end you will have a final conversation with Andreja that lets you choose to commit to each other romantically, just choose the “Romance” dialogue option when it is offered. Congratulations, you and Andreja are now going steady.

This isn’t the end of romance in Starfield, however. If you continue to spend time with Andreja and raise her affinity even more you will eventually have another conversation with her and be given the “commitment” dialogue option. She will then plan your marriage ceremony and unlock the “Commitment: Andreja” quest. Complete the quest and you two will tie the knot!

Starfield is currently available on Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Game Pass.

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