Star Wars: Jedi Survivor Trailer Hints at a Major Villain's Shocking Return

Along with six more key details.

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Star Wars: Jedi Survivor Trailer cal

Five years after the events of Fallen Order, Cal Kestis and the crew of the Stinger Mantis have split up, and are trying to survive the Empire’s tyranny on their own. While we’ve only seen a bit of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor gameplay so far, the game’s latest trailer drops a load of story details.

We see the return of all of Cal’s shipmates, Merrina, Greez, and Cere, on top of some surprising character reveals. It also seems like the overall goal of Cal’s journey — to find a mysterious location that will hide them from the Empire. There’s a lot to take, in even though Jedi: Survivor’s new trailer is only two minutes long. Here are a few critical details you might have missed.

7. Return of the Ninth Sister

Cal will likely have a lot of enemies tracking him down this time around.


This first detail is an absolute “blink and you’ll miss it” moment, with a single frame from the trailer that suggests the return of one of Cal’s most dangerous enemies: the Ninth Sister. If you stop at roughly 24 seconds, you get the above frame, which is admittedly blurry due to the action. However, in the left-hand corner, there’s a silhouette that is clearly the imposing figure of the Ninth Sister.

Cal supposedly eliminated the Inquisitor on Kashyyyk in Fallen Order, but as is tradition when a Star Wars villain is vanquished, if you don’t see the body, they’re likely coming back.

6. Heading to Coruscant

Could Jedi Survivor take a page from the canceled Star Wars: 1313?


The skyline of Coruscant is one of the most unforgettable sights in all of Star Wars, and multiple shots in the new story trailer seem to show Cal on the planet, suggesting it might be a playable section. It’s interesting to note the ship Cal is flying in is the same one that was shooting at him earlier in the trailer, so he’s either been captured by the Empire or has commandeered it.

Coruscant has been a big focus in recent Star Wars properties, playing a big role in both Andor and The Mandalorian Season 3. It’s also interesting to note that the infamous canceled Star Wars game, 1313, was supposed to explore more of the underworld of Coruscant. It’s entirely possible Respawn has looked to that canceled project for a bit of inspiration.

5. Merrin’s Force Powers

Merrin seems to play a major role in the story of Jedi Survivor.


This story trailer finally showed us the return of Merrin from Fallen Order, but there are a couple of interesting little details pertaining to the character. Because Merrin was part of the Nightsister of Dathomir she’s always had force sensitivity, and the ability to use the group’s magic. However, one scene in the trailer shows Merrin in combat clearly using Force Push, which is a Jedi ability. This suggests Cal might be teaching Merrin how to harness the Force, in some way, which has some interesting implications for the character.

4. Clone Wars Era Starfighters

Clone Wars-era starfighters battling TIE Fighters could create some interesting setpieces.


In Jedi: Survivor’s trailers, we’ve seen a band of bounty hunters a couple of times, who appear to be using Battle Droids as grunts. There’s another detail that suggests this group has gotten their hands on a bunch of Clone Wars-era technology, as this particular shot shows two iconic starfighters. The first is the robotic Vulture Droid of the Trade Federation, and just above that appears to be the Z-95 Headhunter, a starfighter regularly used by the clone soldiers of the republic.

3. Is Cere Creating a New Jedi Library?

Cere seems to have changed quite a bit in the five year gap.


The recently-release novel Star Wars Jedi: Battle Scars makes it clear that Cal’s mentor, Cere Junda, is determined to “preserve” the Jedi order, and a big part of this is recovering lost artifacts. Cere appears in a single shot in the new trailer, but her location is particularly interesting. Apart from the character’s new look, Cere appears to be in a location that looks strikingly similar to the Jedi Archives on Coruscant. This could suggest that Cere has spent the years between games collecting literature and artifacts to essentially build a new Jedi Library, one hidden from the Empire.

2. Cal Might Visit an Ancient Sith Planet

Could this orange-tinged planet be an ancient Sith homeworld?


Jedi: Fallen Order dealt heavily with the ancient past of the Star Wars series, not only through the ancient race of creatures known as the Zeffo but through locations like the planet Ilum, a planet used in the ancient Jedi rite known as The Gathering.

Now Cal might be on the flip side of things, as a shot from the trailer suggest he could be visiting the ancient sith world of Moraband, also known as Korriban. There’s a planet that we see is cloaked with a sandstorm and littered with mountains, which bears a striking resemblance to Moraband. It’s also possible this planet could be somewhere else like Geonosis, but considering how much the last game dived into ancient history, Moraband seems much more likely.

Most notably, Moraban is the homeworld of the infamous Darth Bane, the sole survivor of the Jedi-Sith war during the Old Rebuplic era, and the one who created the Sith’s Rule of Two.

1. The Mysterious Stranger is From the High Republic

The mysterious stranger is from the High Republic, but we don’t know how or why.


Yet again the Jedi games dive into the ancient history of Star Wars, this time with Jedi: Survivor’s most interesting new character. The mysterious stranger we’ve seen since the reveal trailer appears to be a Jedi from the High Republic, as his gold-tinged robes sport the era’s iconic emblem, as pointed out by The Gamer.

The High Republic was first introduced by Disney in 2021 and takes place roughly 350 years before the start of the Skywalker Saga. It was seen as an era of peace where the Jedi held great power. Up to this point, the era has only been explored in novels and comic books, but the upcoming Disney+ animated series Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures also takes place in the High Republic.

During the story trailer, we hear this character say, “How could you let the Galaxy fall to this unworthy machine of an Empire?” We don’t know who the stranger is, or why he was put to sleep, but what we’ve seen so far suggests he has an antagonistic relationship with both Cal and the Empire.

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